UK’s First Data Platform as a Service Using MapR Technology

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  • 31/10/2018

MapR® Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry’s leading data platform for AI and Analytics, today announced a new partnership with WHISHWORKS® a global IT services and consulting company, to launch the UK’s first Data Platform as a Service which uses MapR technology.

The MapR Data Platform integrates Hadoop, Spark, and Apache Drill with real-time database capabilities, global event streaming, and scalable enterprise storage to power a new generation of big data applications.

The new MapR powered Data Platform as a Service from WHISHWORKS delivers the enterprise grade security, reliability, and real-time performance of the MapR award winning platform, while dramatically lowering the need for additional investment in hardware, software and specialised resources around a company’s critical applications and data.

WHISHWORKS, a MapR Consulting Partner and Reseller since 2016 has global recognised expertise that has helped clients including Sky, a major UK broadcaster and Ericsson, a telecommunication technology provider, to deliver high value analytics and security projects based on MapR technologies.

“MapR is a foundational platform for an increasingly diverse set of projects that deliver operational benefits and innovative new insights,” explains Edward Davies, vice president of sales at WHISHWORKS. “It is an easily scalable data platform capable of integrating data between on-premises and multiple cloud platforms which provides an exceptional solution for BI and Data Science workloads.”

“At WHISHWORKS we recognise that for many of our clients there is still a skills gap to overcome with big data technologies. To address this, our MapR as a service approach offers a non-disruptive path ensuring that the appropriate best practices and security policies are applied across the customers’ ecosystem, whilst enabling them to realise their Big Data vision,” adds Davies.

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The new service will be hosted in a high availability tier 1 data centre in the UK with optional capacity and resiliency delivered by AWS public cloud infrastructure. The MapR Data Platform as a Service includes three MapR sub-platforms:

MapR-XD, an enterprise standard POSIX file system that provides high-performance read/write data storage for the Data Platform.

MapR-DB, an enterprise-grade, high performance NoSQL database management system used to add real-time, operational analytics capabilities to applications built to handle big data.

MapR Streams, a global publish-subscribe event streaming system for big data that connects data producers and consumers worldwide in real time, with unlimited scale.

The as-a-service offering is delivered under a unified architecture with common core capabilities built into the underlying platform such as high availability, real-time access, unified security, multi-tenancy, disaster recovery, a global namespace, self-healing, and management and monitoring.

“The MapR Data Platform is able to simultaneously do analytics and applications with speed, scale, and reliability that brings all data into a data fabric that can store, manage, process, apply, and analyse as data happens,” explains Martin Darling, UK country manager for MapR. “With this new as-a-service approach pioneered in the UK by WHISHWORKS, organisations now have the ability to reduce time to value with the option to scale as needed with the support of recognised industry experts.”

The new as-a-service will go live in September and is provided with a range of consulting, application delivery and flexible support offerings including proactive monitoring with 24/7 options.

Martin Darling for MapR and Edward Davies for WHISHWORKS are available for press and analyst interviews to discuss the new service offering along with examples of early beta deployment customer use cases.

MapR is a registered trademark of MapR Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries.  Other names and brands may be the property of others.

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