Value-based Embedment Mechanism of Pricing & Testing Services into Multi-year TCoE Contracts

Coforge’s strength lies in our ability to be flexible with pricing of various types of testing services engagements.

We prepare tailor made pricing based on value factors like

  1. Type of project,
  2. Budget predictability,
  3. Scope flexibility,
  4. Time-to-market,
  5. Pay-for-performance
  6. Pay as you go
  7. User ecosystem
  8. Currency
  9. Constraints
  10. Process maturity

Below table provides our examples of typical pricing approaches in existing contracts and our value-based mechanism to embed them in the same.

Our Approach

Below illustration provides insights about our value-based embedment mechanism of pricing and testing services into existing multi-year TCoE contract with Leading Airline Products, Solution, and Services Provider in Europe.

Our Approach


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