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Translating the Applicability of Emerging Technologies to Client Context

Our Strategy, for our next-gen ADM and testing business, defines an adaptable operating system and a multi-velocity business model leveraging our capabilities in Product Engineering for innovations and speed, Cloud Engineering for scalability and elasticity and Process Engineering for optimization and modernization across Business & IT landscape of platforms, systems, and applications.

Product Engineering – We digitalize Enterprises with Data & Analytics driven decisions, DevSecTestOps driven product engineering, Cloud driven elasticity, and Lean-driven Quality Engineering. Enterprises who want faster startup, rely on Data and Cloud to differentiate, and further enhance the omni channel Client Experience by providing recommendations and personalization.

Our heritage and proven success of product development at speed and scale demonstrates our engineering capability in creation, launch and management of products and platforms. Our DNA in engineering infused with AI, Automation, Analytics, helps our clients leverage the potential of Digital to transform while transitioning to more modern and cloud-based technologies. While there are lots of examples demonstrated in this document, as an example, a warehouse management platform developed by Coforge is being used by one of the largest freight forwarder airports in the world.

  • Coforge acquired AdvantageGo over 10 years ago and now a leading provider of InsureTech solutions that support 25-30% of the Lloyds insurance market. We have completely transformed the original legacy underwriting system into a suite of products that leverage micro-services, machine-learning, AI, data, and insights to deliver cloud-based industry-leading solutions (e.g. Exact & Exact Max for real-time risk aggregation & exposure management of catastrophes).
  • We help enterprises build stronger, and valuable relationships with customers with personalized experiences, on a single interface. We also create competitive advantages by enabling unified and faster experiences for customers and partners across all channels. The experiences build stronger and valuable B2B and B2B2C relationships delivering effortless engagements in real time and across any device. We engineer Client Experience with Client Outcomes at scale enabled by
  • the Salesforce providing collaboration, innovation, self-service and quicker time-to-delivery, supported by flexible, scalable and future-proof capabilities. Innovative experiences augmented with human-machine making the digital experiences a digital reality. We also help clients with creative designing using AI for a successful product or predicting future products or using generative designs for iterative A/B tests.
  • We help remove data silos and create a seamlessly connected ecosystem that allows instant access to information and drives new, data-driven insights. A comprehensive intelligent data platform built on micro-services, API and AI can help unleash the competitiveness and differentiation in the market. Our Hyper-Intelligence Platform is our knowledge graph platform that enables ingestion, pre-processing, processing and decisioning. We enable transformation, processing, migration etc. from unstructured to structured data, from SQL to NoSQL, from Block to Object, and from on-prem to Cloud. Boosting data engineering and quality through AI by enriching, de-duplicating, remediating. Our proprietary Data Xpress Toolkit enables the acceleration of journey to modernization and Analytics. Tableau capabilities can help Clients deliver powerful analytics to make smarter decision with Salesforce and other platforms. This ability to turn distributed data into insights using visualization, analytics and AI can help Clients deliver on differentiation
  • AI infused in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can accelerate development and increase coverage for enhanced quality. Our Development Engineering services leading with “Design Thinking” to “Lean Startup” methodologies and the next generation “Agile.NEXT” framework build the foundational elements for a successful digital product creation. A convergence of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile.NEXT brings to life a single-threaded, single-vision digital product development into digital ready enterprises. Lean Startup builds a Most Valuable Product (MVP) with product-market fit. Agile.NEXT, the next generational agile based methodologies adopting and enhancing the Agile Manifesto with special emphasis on DataOps. Our interest is to create Immediate value, foster collaboration across value chain, and provide continuous flow and circular loop feedback. Our micro-services reference architecture provides a blueprint for enabling monoliths to decompose services.

Cloud Engineering – Coforge is capitalizing on its Cloud Engineering strategy and approach by empowering clients to reimagine how they buy, consume, and innovate in today’s multi-dimensional world whilst accentuating security and reliability.The cloud engineering and adoption is being driven through resilience across the stack including applications, architecture, data, cloud, infra, workplace, networking and security as the foundation for a robust tomorrow. This is reflective across industry domains. some more than others like Insurance, who now no longer have the liberty to circumnavigate along the periphery but must rush against time to address aforesaid challenges head-on.

  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud - Companies are operating under a new reality where transdisciplinary integration and convergence of multi-cloud to enable core business systems and processes. Our global strategic partnerships with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are helping our clients achieve innovation acceleration for our clients. Our SKU Based Offerings & Accelerators to enable joint go-to-market models with our strategic partners over the next two quarters and expand the relationship to global scale. In short, driving business outcomes and innovation in hybrid cloud spanning industry verticals and technology partners through convergence. Our journey to cloud is being driven through Coforge’s Cloud Innovation Factory which showcases skills ranging from prototyping to MVPs and Coforge’s ability to drive migrations at scale leveraging migration factory processes. This coupled with our Business Case & Design Thinking helps clients with value realization led approach to transformation, so they get to first-hand experience the art of the possible prior to embarking on a cloud journey with certainty.
    • Idea-to-Code: reduce burden of entry into new products or markets leveraging cloud native building blocks.
    • Remote Everything: scale collaboration and self-help tools to enable digital workplace at extraordinary speed and scale.
    • Hyper Automation: resolve high-volume tasks by leveraging ML and AI models to minimize bottlenecks and optimize the deployment of human talent.
    • Architecture & Performance Engineering: build on the concepts of site reliability to enhance system availability, minimize performance constraints, and scale applications on multi-cloud to align to business demands.
    • Architecture & Performance Engineering: build on the concepts of site reliability to enhance system availability, minimize performance constraints, and scale applications on multi-cloud to align to business demands.
    • Open Systems: leverage standard APIs, protocols and data formats to enable open data movement and achieve widespread multi-cloud standardization.

Process Engineering – Our Digital Process Automation (DPA) provides an advance framework to optimize and bring efficiencies to the core functions of enterprises while transitioning and transforming to a Digital IT and Digital Business. This enables enterprises, to drive new services, new models, and new capabilities. The DPA approach orchestrates enterprise systems to govern, among others, functions for development, maintenance, and communications, to help ensure compliance. This could be to Orchestrate work from end to end with Case Management, deliver consistent User Experiences across channels, implement Artificial Intelligence for operational efficiency, to name a few. It is also to provide technology specific offerings like Cloud Migration, Integrated DevOps Suits, AI based solutions to accelerate customer objectives. The industry specific use cases and processes like Underwriting, Claims, Customer Onboarding, Smart Dispute/Investigation, etc. converge into cohesive technology solution framework, thereby creating the foundation for digital transformation, data convergence and AI decisioning.

  • Modernization of Core – Our Pega and Appian based modernization and process optimization capabilities across case management, enterprise functions such as HR, Finance, Procurement, Grievance & Compliance Management etc., Customer relationship, service, sales and marketing etc. provide a robust rule-based workflow, decisioning, routing logic and real-time interactive dashboard with full visibility and reporting capabilities.
  • Digitize Business – Our low code / no-code capability in OutSystems and Microsoft Power Platform can rapidly design and develop MVP for any IT and Citizen developers. Employees with workforce automation, virtual onboarding, advanced decisioning, omnichannel customer experiences, crisis response systems, employee safety and enablement are some of the ready to use solutions available to deploy instantly within any Enterprise. Our engineering capabilities in various platforms such as Pega, Salesforce, leverage accelerators that drive various outcome such as Salesforce Automation, Digital Marketing, Field Service, and Connected Commerce. Corporate Functions, Lean IT, Digitize Operations enables can also be provisioned and modeled with our convergent technologies such as Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Automate Operations – Our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) rapidly digitizes and automate their legacy processes as well as enable access to legacy applications. No more just a surface automation tool, RPA with intelligence is adding value to the understanding of unstructured data. Our Intelligent Process Automation platform leverages COTS and open-source technologies to help mine, automate and standardize processes.

We have leveraged our (1) strategy, (2) advanced capabilities in product engineering, cloud engineering & process engineering, and (3) client demands and industry trends around infusion of emerging technologies in advanced application engineering services.

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