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Transform with the emerging

Amidst a digital revolution, the traditional Banking and Finance Services (BFS) industry is trying to reinvent its business models, strategies, processes, and operations for the new-age consumer. IT automation plays a crucial role in capturing the desired outcomes across the business value chain. Automation is rapidly becoming a norm in the BFS sector. Most organizations already have or are in the process of automating their business processes. But starting any digital transformation project can seem daunting. Are you one of them?

At Coforge, we simplify the process by focusing on three aspects to transform your business:

Automate businesses

Coforge goes beyond simple automation of repetitive processes and injects Intelligent Automation into business processes.  Employing artificial intelligence (AI), RPA Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to streamline processes and create intuitive workflows. A host of cognitive agents, differentiated accelerators, and differentiated frameworks are employed toward transforming your business processes. 

Personalize experiences

Customer satisfaction is at the top of every business strategy. Coforge aids your business growth by reimagining customer journeys and rethinking user journeys. Our suite of smart solutions enhances and personalizes customer-facing processes such as KYC, customer onboarding, cheque fraud, etc. 

Industrialize AI

Expand your application development and truly realize the benefits of AI at scale. Leverage the power of advanced data analytics and incorporate AI in human decisions of Software Development Lifecycle.
Some of our IP's and Accelerators are
  • TRON 2.0
  • AIR
  • Process GYM
  • iOPS
  • 300 ~ Cognitive Agents

Why Us

  • 20+ years' experience in servicing  AI + BFS with 20+ Ph.D. (AI) 
  • 5+ Patents in Industry-specific services and solutions 
  • Multi-location innovation ecosystem in emerging technologies
  • Strategic partnerships across the technology landscape
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Coforge is now a 1 Billion dollar IT services company