Next-Gen SOC Services

Cyber criminals often take advantage of major global events and under current COVID19 pandemic conditions, the risk to our digital assets is even greater. This is where Security Operations Centers (SOCs) become critical for a organizations, as they are one defending our digital landscape and are working harder than ever trying to contain and remediate increased number of Cyber threats.

  • Spurt in cyberattacks on personal computers since 'work from home' began
  • Security breaches have increased by 11% since Jan 2020
  • 34% of data breaches are involving internal actors due to remote working
  • 10 fold increase in Phishing levels
  • Most malicious domains, about 60%, are associated with COVID-19
  • Organizations experiencing difficulties in remediating security incidents


Coforge’s Next-Gen SOC Services

Coforge is committed to help you in times like this. Coforge’s Advanced SOC Services help up-level your security. Our services can help you perform Security Remediation for emerging security threats or you can enable 24x7 Security Monitoring of your critical infrastructure through our Advanced SOC platform - SIMP.

Coforge’s highly effective Next-Gen SOC combined with a top-notch investigation and remediation team, delivers services towards the following:

  • A Next-Gen SOC with advanced capabilities to detect, monitoring and remediate threats in real time
  • Augment resource capabilities to your SOC to help contain and remediate the threats

SIMP lifying IT Security

Threat Management – Our defence in Cyber kill chail


If you need an extended security team or the right strategy in place, our experts are available to help with the most pressing challenges related to addressing the Security operations for your critical IT infrastructure.

Phishing Simulation & Readiness service

The novel coronavirus is challenging organizations on all fronts. CIO's are at the center of an organization's strategy to mitigate the risk and to keep the business running. As the threat of coronavirus continues to spread, businesses are sending employees home to work remotely, but with the social distancing comes a new threat – a cyber-related one.

Hackers appear to be targeting the most vulnerable i.e. the employees working remotely. As companies across the globe come to grips with this new normal, hackers are tweaking their attacks – sending phishing emails that claim to be about the coronavirus or purport to be from a trusted health agency – to leverage the fear of the global pandemic.

  • Coronavirus-themed attacks are dominating the threat landscape in an unprecedented way.
  • Cybercriminals are leveraging COVID -19 fears to trick users, spread malware, and pilfer data
  • Endpoint Security partners are reporting over half million different type of messages, over a quarter million malicious URLs and hundreds of thousands of attachments with Coronavirus themes.
  • These attacks and campaigns are global in scope.


Coforge’s Phishing Simulation & Readiness Services

Coforge is committed to help you in times like this. Coforge’s Phishing Simulation & Readiness Services help up-level your security and prepare your end–users.

Our services help improve Remote Employee Security and awareness during The COVID-19 pandemic, in return improve your organizations security posture. Our services under this program helps you to educate your staff and make considerations for the following:


* Needs detailed analysis and discussion

All in one managed service that is quick in deployment and integrates with your mail and AD System.

  • Phish Your Users: Fully automated simulated phishing attacks with verticalized & customized templates.
  • Train Your Users: On-demand, interactive, engaging training with common traps, live hacking demos and new scenario-based Danger Zone exercises.
  • Live Results: Centralized reporting to show stats and graphs for both training and phishing.
  • O365 Security* : Secure O365 to reduce phishing emails and content.