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Health Passport – Partnered with APPI

As the travel sector starts to consider opening their doors again, attention turns to two fundamental questions:

  1. What are travel companies doing to safeguard their staff and adapt their operation giving confidence that it is safe for customers to travel again?
  2. What are the travel expectations of customers to inform their decision making and ultimately encouraging them to press the ‘book’ button?

All parties want to offer surety that processes are well thought through, efficient, and can be applied consistently throughout their journey. The Health Passport has been designed to provide the platform between customer and travel organization providing a verification platform that has been designed to facilitate safe travel:


This simple process allows the customer to manage their own journey and be fully in control of their own data and most importantly fully in control of who has access to their data.

Core Features of Health Passport:

  • The ID verification platform works with ID documents from over 170 countries worldwide.
  • The product has been developed to allow flexibility in the range of Health Care verification services available supporting self-declaration, certificate upload and integration to healthcare providers.
  • Ability to share status with third parties requesting to validate your health status.

How can the Health Passport help restart travel?

As the use cases for the Health Passport evolve, we are integrating the Health Passport with leading edge Kiosk technology. The contactless kiosk can integrate with the Health Passport to drive the process without physically touching the screen. The Health Passport can activate and start the kiosk process using a QR Code or NFC functionality, which can then kick-in and form part of the overall process to enter an airport or an aircraft. The kiosk has a specialist array of cameras that enable the user to navigate the screen using voice control or vision control. Using vision control, the cursor moves around the screen based upon where the user is looking on the screen, holding focus on a button for a few seconds will represent a selection. The kiosk also has sensors that can measure body temperature & heart rate which can then form part of the decision-making process along with the data from the Health Passport in passing the checkpoint.

What are the use-cases to use this technology?

In its simplest form the Health Passport could be used on its own, as per the diagram on page 2, where a verifying agent uses the same app to validate another person’s status. This could be used in airports, offices or anywhere that health status needs to be verified.

In a Health Passport & Kiosk Combination, we have developed the following use case:


We aim to make the travel experience seamless by removing the friction and congestion that additional airport processing would cause within an airport. Passengers can complete their Health Passport process at home and come to the airport with their standard travel documentation, passport and validated Health Passport. We can integrate the data from the Health Passport into the local departure control system to help drive the process flow throughout the airport and minimise the number of times passengers must produce all their documentation to pass each barrier before they board their aircraft.

How can airports, train stations and terminals help manage crowds in their facilities?

As part of our broader thinking about space management and enforcing social distancing in confined spaces we have developed a proprietary accelerator,ThirdEyeforComputerVision,platform that can work with existing CCTV technology within an airport, station or passenger terminal to help manage and control the flow of passengers in these common areas.

The Third Eye platform is a powerful asset as it requires no new camera infrastructure, the system can hook up to an existing static CCTV camera feed and be configured to help manage plans controls put in place to manage social distancing.


We have a complete solution to bring together safe management of public space by monitoring and alerting on social distancing measures; customers managing access to the facility using their Health Passport and Airlines driving the process with new contactless kiosk technology. The intention is to provide shared assurance between travel operators and passengers that it is safe to start travelling again.

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