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Health Passport – Making Healthcare and Life Sciences operations safer

While rest of the world confined itself to closed door, healthcare and life sciences organizations could never had the same luxury. With healthcare professionals continuing to operate at the forefront to cure people and life sciences professionals working extra hours to continue with the drugs research and making them available to the world, the need for finding digital solutions to contain the spread of pandemic remains a necessity.

The answers to few of the fundamental questions remain to be explored:

  • How can healthcare and life sciences organisations safeguard their valuable employees without impacting their day-to-day operations?
  • How can the patients and other visitors be assured that it is ok to visit their doctor’s office for a health check-up or a wellness visit?


To answer these questions and many more, Coforge partnered with APPII to develop a blockchain-based Health Passport solution, which has been designed to provide a contactless verification platform to facilitate a safer trip for patients and visitors to the care facilities and a safer return to the workspace for the employees of the healthcare and life sciences organization.

This simple process allows a healthcare provider, employees, patients and visitors to be fully in control of their own health status data, and most importantly fully in control of who has access to their data.

Core Features of Health Passport solution

  • The ID verification platform works with ID documents from over 170 countries worldwide.
  • The product has been developed to allow flexibility in the range of Health Care verification services available supporting self-declaration, certificate upload, and integration to healthcare providers.
  • Ability to share status with third parties requesting to validate your health status.

How can the Health Passport drive safer visits to healthcare offices and facilities?

Healthcare and Life Sciences industry has myriads of possibilities of in-person interaction – the generic case across the industry being safe reopening of offices and workspace to more specific scenarios of a patient visiting a hospital.

Providers, employees and patients can complete their Health Passport process at home and visit the facilities with their standard access identification and validated Health Passport. We can also integrate the data from the Health Passport into the building access management system to help drive the process flow throughout the building and minimize the number of times where physical contact is needed to gain access.

Health Passport as a digital tool has the ability to integrate multiple stakeholders under an umbrella for a more robust document validation; this can enhance the reliability over the traditional means of self-declaration by individuals. In UK, our collaboration with different partners not only allows the authentication of documents but also facilitates individuals in finding nearby test centres, booking an appointment with them, and finally receiving a verified test result/certificate directly on the Health Passport.

Going forward, we would also be incorporating the COVID-19 vaccination information on the Health Passport, making it a complete solution to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic. Coforge and APPII have taken extra care in ensuring that the application provides an effortless user experience. With this thought, the entire flow is split into a few simple steps that aids in better user adoption.

  • User fills in the self-declaration.
  • Specifies the type of test to be taken and books an appointment via the app.
  • Completes the test at the nominated centre.
  • Receives the verified test result on the app.
  • Displays the QR code when requested by a provider/ employer for instant verification.

How can Coforge help further in managing crowd and ensuring social distancing at healthcare facilities?

As part of our broader thinking about space management and enforcing social distancing in confined spaces, we have developed a proprietary accelerator, Third Eye for Computer Vision, a platform that can work with existing CCTV technology within a reception or lift space to help manage and control the flow of employees and visitors into these common areas.

The Third Eye platform is a powerful asset as it requires no new camera infrastructure, the system can hook up to an existing static CCTV camera feed and be configured to help manage plans controls put in place to manage social distancing.

Health Passport-2

We have a complete solution to bring together safe management of office space through managing scheduled access to buildings, providing contactless entry into the building, and tracking and monitoring enclosed spaces to control the social distancing measures. The intention is to provide shared assurance between the organizations, providers and patients that it is safe to go to the care facilities and offices.

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