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Virtual Application Review

Streamline and Automate Appian Application Review Process

Coforge’s Virtual Application Review (VAR) is an Appian application built to automate the Appian Code Review Process. Code reviews can be very manual, time-consuming and prone to human error. What’s more, these reviews are often skipped or solely based on a lead designers discretion, creating a mismanagement of expectations and deployment issues.

VAR automatically reviews the Appian application against a pre-defined set of best practices and provides a 360 degree view on code quality. It is also integrated with Appian Health Check and Unit Testing Framework to provide better visibility of the objects that comply with coding standards. The severity of issues can be pre-configured by the user so that each observation can be tracked to closure through integration with the ticketing system.

How it works?

The tool works in three easy steps

  • Upload code for review
  • Review the results of analysis on the record dashboard
  • View reports to get a holistic view of the entire environment

Solution benefits

  • Quick and uniform code review process
  • Consistent, scalable and better performing code
  • Helps to minimize defects upfront
  • Reduces deployment delays
  • Easy code maintenance
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