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Turbulence-free PSS Migration to Drive Connected Operations

Changing an airline’s passenger service system (PSS) is like an open-heart surgery, requiring expert precision in replacing the system while ensuring that every other connected part continues to function smoothly. Having successfully executed large and complex PSS migrations for leading airlines, we have developed a robust approach to deliver transformation without disruption. From planning to implementation to testing, we deliver more value through consistent connectivity, reduced implementation costs, optimized processes, and business agility—all of which enable you to take customer experience to a new altitude.

When It is Mission-Critical, You Need Expertise in the Cockpit

A number of airlines have been migrating to different passenger service systems (PSS) because of change in business strategy or technology obsolescence of the existing PSS. This transformation is a high-risk proposition with sweeping changes across business operations, IT systems, and enterprise data.

PSS migration is a complex phenomenon that occurs once or twice in a decade. Ineffective governance policies and a lack of sponsorship can lead to chaos. Even minor glitches can lead to considerable revenue loss and an adverse impact on an airline’s brand image.

With rich experience in PSS migration and strong airline domain expertise, we understand the intricacies of PSS migration and know that managing the enterprise change is as important as the migration solution itself. That is why our PSS Migration Solution for airlines offers a phased migration approach to enable a clear direction of the migration journey and support mechanisms for surrounding IT systems. Beyond the migration itself, we are focused on shaping a future-ready operating model that will help airlines establish an enterprise IT strategy to achieve the business goals and improve the quality of service for the customers.

Get a Holistic View of PSS Migration Impact

PSS migration constitutes core systems (reservation, departure control system, and inventory) and surrounding IT systems. The ownership of core system migration remains with the target PSS team that uses standard methodology and turn-key solutions. There are a number of changes that need to be made in these surrounding systems because of changes in the core systems. Based on our experience in PSS migration, we present our clients with a solution that is based on the complete impact footprint of the migration, ensuring that surrounding IT systems are supported during the transformation exercise. An overview of the PSS migration impact footprint is captured in the figure below.

Impact of Airlines PSS System Migration


Leverage Our Structured PSS Migration Solution

Coforge offers a six-step migration approach that helps airlines get a clear and structured direction for their migration journey of surrounding IT systems, as depicted below:

Migration Approach


A phased implementation is easily manageable and has a low-risk proposition. The ‘Identify’ phase helps airlines clearly define the IT streams to be migrated as part of the surrounding IT system migration, the ‘Analyze’ phase defines the strategy for these IT streams, and the ‘Finalize’ phase output is baselined with the IT system details and migration strategies of these systems.

Typical IT streams during the migration journey are as follows:

  • Interfaces
  • Data migration
  • Data warehouse
  • Infrastructure
  • Other systems
  • Testing stream

The first three phases—Identify, Analyze, and Finalize phases form the foundation, followed by standard software development life cycle (SDLC) phases of Design, Construct, and Test.

We also offer a structured approach to migrate the interfaces, one of the most complex IT streams during migration, as depicted below:

Interface Migration Approach


Delivering More Value

Coforge has extensive expertise in PSS migration that provides benefits to our airlines customers through:

  • Deep airlines domain expertise and best practices from transformational PSS migration efforts for leading airlines
  • Custom-built migration approaches for surrounding IT system and interfaces
  • Significant pool of developers and testers in airlines domain
  • Rich repository of airlines test scenarios and test cases
  • Offshore software development for cost optimization
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