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Transform Sales Operations with Mobile Application for SAP

The era of the connected enterprise calls for a more dynamic sales operations than ever before, and the first step towards a truly digital sales force is mobility. However, to ensure mobility works to boost proficiency, productivity, and profitability, you need a solution that provides more value—one where information, collaboration and enterprise integration is just a tap away. Sales for SAP is designed to do just that with essential functionalities across the sales cycle in a robust mobile application—from order creation to payments to service management. With our enterprise mobility solution, your executives can improve face-to-face sales time, manage crucial customer data in real-time, and drive faster realization of revenue.

Mobility Holds the Key to Productivity and Profitability

Today’s sales force spends more time outside the enterprise and nearer to the customer. Without up-tothe-minute access to existing customer data to bolster the sales force of your organization, efficiency is bound to suffer—but with it, productivity will surge rapidly.

Coforge’ mobile extension of SAP’s Sales and Distribution suite supplies mobile sales specialists access to crucial customer information, empowering them to offer impressive customer service or more competent prospecting at all times. Quick access to critical customer data can enable them to use their time efficiently and focus on delivering more relevant solutions to their customers.

Enable Sales On-the-Go with Our Enterprise Mobility Solution

Sales for SAP is a robust mobile application on a middleware platform that is easy to set-up, utilize, and organize. It enables direct access to SAP by interacting with SAP directly through J2EE technologies and delivering data from SAP to mobile devices and personal digital assistant (PDAs). The application enables sales teams to query customer and product data on the move, ensuring they have all the information they need to effectively manage customer interactions and create new opportunities.

Key Features

  • Create sales order while confirming stock availability and delivery date of requested items
  • View delivery status and payment status of existing sales orders
  • View account summary of customers
  • Manage all aspects of customer interactions or service tasks
  • Collaborate effectively with other team members

Delivering Value to Sales Functions

  • More Productivity: Significantly improved sales and service representative productivity
  • More Revenue: Faster revenue realization and lower costs while enabling profitable and predictable revenue growth
  • More Agility: Management of crucial customer data in real-time and reduced sales cycle
  • More Delight: Higher quality-customer interactions and improved customer services
  • More Efficiency: Superior information for downstream business processes
  • More Effectiveness: Enhanced forecasting and sales management

The Coforge Advantage

We see ‘awesome lifecycle experiences’ as a key differentiator in manufacturing and trade operations. Our Enterprise mobility solution is designed with these experiences in mind, to transform the role of a sales and service executive from an enabler to a value creator. To ensure this transformation occurs, two capabilities are critical—smooth flow of data and role-based prioritization of tasks. That is why the solution has been designed as a scalable technology to facilitate fast, easy, and robust data sharing across the enterprise. We have also ensured that the application is relevant to needs of sales executives, customer service managers, and business managers, with custom modules that are tailored to meet the requirement of varied industries including manufacturing, retail, and trade organizations.

Partnering with Coforge means you get more than a mobile application. With our deep industry expertise, we look at upstream and downstream processes to deliver more value by putting enterprise mobility to work in harmony with your business-critical applications and omni-channel service strategy. The outcome is agility at the heart of operations, underscored by seamless collaboration, and greater performance.

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