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T&T - End-to-end Mobility Solutions for Travel and Transportation Enterprises

Deliver a rewarding experience, and travelers will reward you with their loyalty. It all starts with being seamless, and that is where Coforge can help. Our mobility solutions for travel and transportation customers and employees can help you shape truly connected experiences from pre-trip to in-flight and after. With new ideas, we are here to mobile-enable your processes and deliver more value by ensuring faster deployment, cross-platform completeness, greater usability, and high performance.

Get Mobile, or Get Left Behind

Mobile technology is rapidly becoming essential for travel operations and passenger experience. With increased adoption of loyalty-driven customer applications and specialized mobile aviation applications, airlines enterprises and passengers are looking to use mobile technology to not just simplify the travel experience, but also make it more rewarding.

For travelers, mobile devices are a way to book air tickets, hotel rooms, and cabs with ease, and at best rates. They also use their devices for self-service check-in at hotels and flights, acquiring seating assignments and tracking baggage, and obtaining real-time information on flight arrival and departure times, weather, and traffic conditions.

For airlines, mobile platforms will become the primary channel to make their customers feel special and drive merchandising of airline and airport ancillary services. Mobility is key to cementing loyalty— through real-time, relevant, and value-added information, offers, discounts, and personalized services based on passenger preferences. Mobile solutions can also be leveraged by airline employees, enabling them to increase their operational efficiency and provide a superior customer experience across touchpoints.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Our Mobility Solutions

As a technology partner, we can help execute your mobile strategy by providing comprehensive and costeffective development, deployment, testing, and support services.

If you are looking to provide the ultimate convenience to the customers, we can build a flexible, customizable booking application to cater to the specific needs of travelers–on-the-move. Using the application, travelers can check-in for flights, make fresh reservations, locate departure gates, redeem boarding passes, book hotels and concierge services, and also arrange a return call from a colleague—all from the comfort of their mobile devices.

We also provide next-generation mobile resource management solutions for airlines staff to help them achieve operational excellence through process optimization and intelligent decision support. Our solutions increase the efficiency of airlines staff, provide enhanced customer experience by removing paper reports, and reduce the overlapping activity of data entry at the ground level after the arrival of flight.


We offer solutions on a plethora of platforms that cover all technology layers, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and HTML5. Across platforms, our focus is to build user-friendly mobile applications that facilitate easy and quick information processing.


Our capabilities in mobile technology are augmented by frameworks that accelerate development and deployment time while reducing cost. We have been working with multiple generations of mobile technologies for more than ten years and have gained expertise in bringing together the right frameworks, processes, people, and tools to deliver highly specific mobility requirements of the airlines industry like ancillary service integration or in-flight catering.

Key Solution Features Complete end-to-end development from conceptualization to upload on the app stores. This covers various platforms, devices, connectivity with various peripherals, social media integration, and analytics. Development of mobile websites considering various device screens / browsers / capabilities and geographies. Different tools / protocols are used to build sites with a native look and feel. Complete end-to-end solution for designing enterprise mobility applications for different backend systems considering security and enterprise requirements. Complete end-to-end functional, performance, usability, regression, and automation testing. Delivering Value

Whether you are looking to build customer-facing or employee-enabling mobility solutions, our approach can help you deliver on the parameters of cost, complexity, and cross-platform completeness. The key benefits of our approach include:

Reduces time-to-market with use of in-house frameworks across different domains Combines capabilities across all mobile platforms to build efficient solutions Ensures robustness and high performance through our mobile testing laboratory Provides complete solutions for complex enterprise mobility infrastructure Reduces the cost to develop, deploy, and support mobile solutions The Coforge Advantage

Our deep domain expertise is further backed by alliances with product partners on the leading edge of mobility. This ensures your mobility solutions are best-in-class in areas such as performance, design, and user experience. We are able to create the outcomes you seek because our expertise in IT services and business process management— enabling us to look beyond the mobility solution in itself and provide flawless integration with your larger technology ecosystem and business operations.

Vertical Focus: The travel and transportation (T&T) vertical accounts for major revenue stream for Coforge’ and is a key focus area for the company. We were ranked #1 in the travel sector by the Black Book of Outsourcing and have built long-term relationships with our clients for over 15 years—including leading airlines, airports, travel distribution, and logistics companies.

Domain Knowledge: Our vast industry experience, along with our dedicated subject matter experts and business analysts help us analyze business challenges and client requirements The ready availability of domain and technology experts enables us to engage and scale up services quickly and efficiently.

Centers of Competence (CoCs): We have set up CoCs, where we work with alliance partners to develop expertise on platforms like Java, .NET, Open Source, Mainframe, mobile, testing, and knowledge management. We also have travel industry-focused CoCs for specific technologies. The CoC teams enable clients to build proof-of-concepts and design application architectures, which ensure high usability and performance.

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