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T&T - Driving Efficiency with Comprehensive Application Services for Transaction Processing Facility

Many airlines continue to rely on IBM’s Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) for their most critical processes. However, maintaining TPF systems is not easy—it requires deep technology expertise, skilled resources available on-demand, and strong operational focus to ensure high system availability. That is what Coforge provides, while delivering more value across the TPF lifecycle through customized tools for greater productivity, a dedicated development center for end-to-end solutions, and 24x7 support to ensure reliability.

Lighten the TPF Load with Coforge

Transaction processing systems have been at the core of the travel industry for decades. Many such systems, including IBM’s Transaction Processing Facility, which were installed years ago, are still in use because of their proven strengths.

Travel and Transportation companies continue to rely on TPF for handling large transactions with a fast response time. However, applications running on the TPF platform have been heavily customized over the years based on changing business needs. Maintenance and enhancement of these applications is time-consuming and cost-intensive due to a lack of skilled in-house resources and underlying complexity of technology. This causes a strain on enterprise IT budgets and leads to a reduced focus on the development of newer systems. Coforge can help address these challenges. By providing specialized resources, robust solutions, and flexible delivery models, we enable cost-effective and efficient business processes across the TPF lifecycle from reservations to cargo to departure control.

Our TPF Solution

With a strong technical expertise in various areas of TPF including Assembler, TPF, TPF-C, TPFDF and zTPF, we provide TPF-related application development, maintenance, and support services in the following broad functional areas illustrated below:

TPF Capability Overview

Delivering Value

Irrespective of system size or application complexity, we have an answer for the dynamic TPF needs of the travel industry, with domain-rich solutions that offer the following benefits:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Extensive domain knowledge
  • Ready pool of trained and highly specialized resources for quick ramp-up
  • Experience in working as an offshore dedicated development center
  • Customized tools for TPF/ALCS for improved productivity
  • Enables client teams to focus on core areas

The Coforge Advantage

Coforge has been a pioneer in TPF since 1997. With a dedicated development center, our TPF practice has developed strong competence in TPF technology by servicing multiple clients over a period of 16+ years across geographies, including Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific

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