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Steering Your Airline to a Paperless Digital Era

Our Solution

The advent of handheld and smartphone devices has presented airlines with new opportunities to gather operational information and push it to the airline systems quickly. Airlines need to urgently streamline their internal processes and manage their paper-based forms by moving to the electronic systems.

Today airlines fill around 200+ forms in their day-to-day operations with around 15+ forms pre-flight. The ability to access, view, complete, and submit electronic forms via a smartphone or a tablet has the potential to increase the productivity of the airline and its crew members—diminishing the need for manual processing of essential forms.

Coforge, with more than two decades of experience working with 100-plus active clients including more than 50 airlines globally, can help transform your operations. Airlines can use our electronic form platform to enable their departments to create, manage, publish, and use forms in an electronic format on desktop and mobile devices. The forms are developed using HTML5 and provide integration with backend airline systems and databases. Our solution implements product workflow management and provides mobile and offline access to users.

Our solution provides:

  • Configurable digital forms—operational forms, event report, work order/task forms, job card, passenger feedback, safety forms, training forms, voyage reports, airport entry forms, simulator forms, expense claim, cabin logs, door operation checklist
  • Prefilled reference data for faster turnaround time
  • Automated workflows
  • Notifications and events based on data entered in forms
  • Automated data validation and data transfer tools
  • Mobile workforce and offline data entry when not connected

case_study_0052Delivering More Value

The benefits of our electronic forms have been recognized by multiple airlines, especially by their mobile workforce including the cockpit and cabin crew, ground operations team, and AOCC and flight operations teams. E-forms enable paperless operations, saving thousands of papers every day.

  • More Efficiency: Operations become more efficient as the manual data entry process is eliminated. Back-office processes and day-to-day administration tasks are also streamlined with e-forms. Since the solution can also be hosted on cloud, users can sync seamlessly, minimizing technical and administrative overheads. Easy accessibility of forms on mobile improves employee productivity—strengthening employee engagement and increasing their overall performance.
  • More Flexibility: Configurable forms and workflows reduce IT involvement. Offline form filling and data access with automated sync feature provide ease and flexibility to the ground staff and crew as they can fill forms anywhere, anytime. These simple and easy-to-use forms are readily transferred to the airlines’ databases and workflows, improving decision-making capabilities of ground staff and crew.
  • More Compliance: Electronic forms are fully compliant with regulatory norms.
  • More Savings: Our forms and workflows are simple and easy to implement, and help reduce costs.
  • More Brand Recognition: We improve the way crew works enhancing brand perception in the minds of passengers.
  • More Integration: The solution enables integration of various departments while eliminating duplication of work.
  • More Simplified: We were able to streamline downstream processing of forms.
  • More Accuracy: Our electronic forms platform delivers and captures right information by connecting forms with processes through configurable workflows. Data entry errors are eliminated by providing lookups and reducing keyboard entries.
  • More Security: The solution secures data transfer within processes, databases, and backend systems such as crew operation, flight operation, flight safety, and HR.
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