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Shaping a Sustainable Digital Strategy with User Experience Assessment

If digital is the future of the enterprise, user experience (UX) is the foundation on which it is built. The path to a sustainable and scalable digital operating model (DOM) is determined by the effectiveness of interactions across the customer lifecycle, the sum of which is an experience. Coforge helps you craft these experiences, with new ideas that emerge when we place usability, processes, and touchpoints under the scanner. From a mix of ideas, emerges a digital blueprint that is the source of more value, transforming interactions into experiences and turning satisfaction into loyalty.

Great Experiences Do Not Just Happen, They Are Crafted

To become truly digital, companies are now focusing on creating rewarding consumer experiences, not just products or services. They are also revamping brand categories and adopting advanced technology to deliver innovative customer experiences that can allow companies to compete in new and surprising arenas. These experiences are based on an intimate understanding of the current consumer culture as well as the ability of a company to determine what consumers want even before they can articulate it.

Coforges’ user experience research expertise can help you closely understand your customers to create great experiences. By utilizing the on-site interviews and observations, our UX experts gather deep insights into your customer base—insights that our UX design team will rely upon when crafting its experience design. In cases where direct user contact is not possible, we can speak with your customer-facing representatives and business leaders, utilize applicable research, and apply forward-looking practices to help position your company. A consistent and effective user experience can not only improve your customers’ interactions but your employee and partner experience as well.

We Start by Getting to Know Your Users

Some fundamental questions need to be answered to ensure that you put your best user experience step forward in the market. For instance:

  • Have you closely examined the pain points your customers report?

    A deep usability-based reading can help identify their underlying causes and help create a long-lasting solution instead of a ‘band-aid’ fix.
  • Do you understand the needs, goals, and characteristics of your users?

    Customers will have differing needs, goals, and usage patterns that your product must support. Age, gender, language, and culture figure prominently among other factors that affect how your customers perceive and use your digital offerings.
  • Do you know their different experience levels?

    Expert users require shortcuts and accelerated solutions, while novices and infrequent users may need a lot of handholding. Expert analysis and user testing can help establish a proper baseline to provide the best of both worlds, with accelerators for those with the desire to learn.
  • What other applications are your users comfortable with?

    The existing knowledge and habits of your customers can be leveraged to make your digital offering a smooth, easy-to-learn experience. The answers to these and other customer-centric questions can help bulletproof your customer experience for now and the foreseeable future.

Enhance Your UX IQ with Coforge

We analyze your UX IQ by posing questions across three dimensions—usability, process and measurement, and customer experience


  • Are you making each step of your process 'Uber-easy' to use?
  • What is your cross-channel usability? Are your products and messaging optimized for each platform and device type?
  • Do you adhere to accessibility requirements for individuals with visual or other challenges? For example, do you use green to indicate success and red to indicate a problem? Using color alone to indicate status is not sufficient to communicate with color-blind individuals, that include over 8% of men.

Process and Measurement

  • Do you maximize your process by taking advantage of prototyping and user testing before spending time and money on development?
  • Do members of your development and product teams observe customers performing usability tests, especially tests where they discuss their perceptions, difficulties, and needs? Learning about your users not only helps set priorities for product improvement, but also promotes user empathy across your company
  • Do you know which of your changes truly work? Do you benchmark user satisfaction and product effectiveness before and after changes are made?

Customer Experience

  • Have you mapped and addressed every customer touchpoint? Do all employees who come into contact with your clients understand the full customer journey?
  • Do you have a communications strategy for each step of your customer’s lifecycle? Are your customers always updated with the information they need?
  • Have you simplified your offerings to make them distinct and obvious to customers?
  • Do you anticipate user needs at critical points? Doing so is a great way to showcase your customer-centric focus
  • Are you continually speaking with your users and seeking suggestions for product improvements?

Delivering More Value with a Comprehensive UX IQ Check

Once the right questions have been answered, we can help you design a UX strategy that creates an opportunity where both the customer and the company create, deliver, and share more value by enabling:

  • More Quality: Efficient delivery and consistency of services at all touchpoints and improved service quality
  • More Loyalty: Delivery of highly personalized interactions, which turn customer satisfaction into loyalty
  • More Relevance: Utilization of prototyping in conjunction with user testing to bulletproof new features before rollout
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