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Redefining Passenger Services Systems for Airlines


The way services are provided to the passengers can have a lasting impact on experiences. If you can deliver personalized services to passengers, what follows is a lasting relationship, loyalty, and repeat business. To make this happen, Coforge offers unique, integrated Passenger Services Systems (PSS) that automate all major passenger service functions including shopping, reservation, ticketing, check-in, seat assignment, and ancillary service sales. Designed to deliver more value through automation, the solution offers agility and great experiences for passengers.


PSS sits at the heart of an airline’s IT landscape. This mission-critical system is continuously shaped by industry requirements, technology upgrades, and changes in business strategy. It supports reservations and departure control functions, and interfaces with numerous other systems in the airline’s IT landscape. Changes in the PSS impact their interface with other internal and external system(s). Alternatively, changes in these surrounding systems can also impact the interfaces or the PSS itself. From a technology perspective, PSS can undergo minor enhancements, new functionality development or a complete shift from one provider to another. Any change in or around the PSS has high risk associated with it and in order to handle these, airlines must carefully plan to minimize overall loss and disruption in regular operations.

With over two decades of experience in the airline industry, Coforge has the right combination of domain knowledge, understanding of an airline’s IT landscape, and technology expertise to deliver PSS services.


Figure 1: PSS Services

We have delivered successful projects for airline clients and work as a strategic development partner for PSS providers (both homegrown and community-based).


Figure 2: Areas in which we Provide PSS Services

Delivering More Value

  • More Agility: We accelerate time-to-market of your services backed by a ready pool of experienced developers and testers.
  • More Savings: Adoption of best-in-class practices such as global agile delivery models and multi-shore delivery capabilities that best fit your business strategy help us deliver cost-optimization.
  • More Efficiency: Our proven and risk-free approach leverages custom-built migration approaches for associated IT systems and interfaces leading to successfully executed projects.
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