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Paving the Way for Successful New Skies Upgrades


Coforge provides end-to-end testing consultancy and services for New Skies migration and upgrades. As a testing partner, we provide quality assurance for Navitaire New Skies, enabling smooth transition and go-live. We also provide New Skies Dependency Accelerators to determine the impact of changes made to a specific module on different interdependent airline processes and applications. This enables us to reduce the testing cycle time without compromising on quality and provide desired services to our airline customers.

Our Solution

The dynamic nature of the airline industry ensures that airlines are always on their toes looking for innovative ways to ensure profitability, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and efficiently serve customers. The IT landscape within the airline plays a crucial role in such endeavors.

Passenger Service Systems (PSS) are at the center of the airline IT landscape and are routinely upgraded to provide better services to airlines. One such highly recognized PSS is Navitaire’s New Skies serving 50+ customers across the globe. As part of its continuous improvement strategy, Navitaire releases new versions of New Skies to maintain, enhance, or make major changes in the existing functionality. Before an upgraded New Skies cutover, it is crucial to test the upgraded product thoroughly to ensure risk-free migration.

Coforge’ Testing Center of Excellence with its vast test case repository and dependency accelerators simplifies Navitaire Upgrade testing, improving quality, and reducing costs and chances of failure of the interface. We perform the following key activities for airlines:

  • Quality Management and Governance

    • Program Management
    • Test Strategy and Planning
    • Defect Management
    • Test Data Management
    • Dashboard/Reporting
  • Application Testing

    • Core PSS Testing
    • System Integration Testing
    • Regression Testing and End-to-End Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
  • Environment Testing

    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Disaster Recovery Testing
    • Resilience, Back Up, and Restore Testing

Based on the modules upgraded in the latest version of New Skies, we identify the different components that need to be tested. Our team of testing experts leverages our existing repository of more than 800 regression test scenarios for Navitaire and interface applications to customize them based on business requirements.

Driven by our ‘Business Impact Assessment’ and ‘Dependency Accelerators’, we have designed an implementation approach specifically for Navitaire Upgrade Testing to deliver a high quality output.


Figure: Testing Implementation Approach

Delivering More Value

  • More Continuous Support: Our business support team ensures that airlines are able to manage their day-to-day work without interruption.
  • More Expertise: Our existing test case repository and ‘New Skies Dependency Accelerators’ ensure that turnaround time is reduced and no major business disruptions occur.
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