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Legacy Rescue : Rewriting Your Company’s Future

Many insurers have multiple policy, billing, claims and other administration systems that not only lead to operational complexities but also adversely impact the insurer’s core competencies internally, as well as in the market. Many of these systems are a result of acquiring additional insurance companies. The resulting IT landscape, thus, necessitates the need to understand the state of the system. We help you modernize multiple legacy systems and improve operational efficiency. With global legacy rescue engagement experience, we deliver more value by modernizing systems and mitigating the risks associated with these ageing systems.

Win the Battle for Survival

With time, legacy applications become unreliable. This leads to more support requests or the need for a rescue intervention, in extreme situations. It is important to understand the state of a legacy system and remain proactive in the approach. If the application is old but in good shape, light support is required. However, if cracks are showing up, we need to act fast and ensure that the business does not go offline. In either case, businesses need a trusted software partner who will make the right recommendations at the right time.

We can help insurers mitigate the negative impact caused by ageing systems. Legacy RescueSM program suite leverages existing systems and ensures business continuity

Our Capabilities

We employ Legacy RescueSM methodologies and tool accelerators to increase the speed and quality of system modernization. Modernization includes activities such as automation assisted data migration and testing, transition management, knowledge and document management, and on-demand resource scaling.

Methodology and Approach

We utilize a customer- and business objective-centric methodology for our clients. The Legacy RescueSM methodology comprises six steps:

  • Confirm client’s purpose and objective
  • Document the current state
  • Identify opportunities for front-end/middle-/back-end system modernization in:
    • New insurance applications RFP processing
    • New insurance product launch
    • System sun-setting and data migration
    • In-house build of new application functionality
    • Legacy surround/wrapping development
    • Adding I-SMAC (Internet, Social, Analytics, Mobile, Cloud) technologies
    • Predictive analytics and data management solutions
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions
    • Customer and agent channel technologies
    • Application rationalization and single platform solutions
    • Business Process Outsourcing (Orchestration)—value-added services
    • Information Technology Outsourcing (Orchestration)—IT asset transfers, modernization, and return of IT asset to the client
  • Develop a target solution and implementation plan
  • Map our engagement model to the implementation plan
  • Transition resources and execute

data-sheets_Legacy Rescue

Delivering More Value to Insurance Companies

Some of the key value-adds to the organizations are obvious:

  • Improved Business Performance Driven by Consulting Approach
  • Minimal Risk Impact on Project due to Risk Mitigation Processes
  • Reduced IT Complexity
  • Assured Resource Scalability
  • Improved System Efficiencies
  • Better Cost Predictability and Assured Year-on-Year ROI
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