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Gain a Complete View of Performance with Enterprise Data Management

Incomplete—that is the word that characterizes the state of data at various capital markets firms. This impedes performance in many ways—whether it is a lack of relevant data for decision-making or inconsistencies in regulatory reporting. Coforge can help firms in transforming data from siloed inaccuracies to a smooth flow of singular, enterprise-wide information. With capabilities across consulting, IT services, and business process outsourcing, we deliver more value at every step of the data lifecycle to enable a holistic view of enterprise data, and a complete view of performance.

Bringing Order to the Chaos of Enterprise Data

While enterprise data is the lifeblood of all the financial institutions, management of data at many financial firms is in a significant—and extremely costly—state of disarray. Siloed purchasing of multiple reference data subscriptions for different asset types frequently results in duplicate information. Factors such as too many manual processes, unstructured data, and outdated legacy systems can substantially degrade data integrity.

Inefficient systems and processes can inhibit all those requiring data, such as compliance officers or portfolio managers, from gaining access to accurate and up-to-date information. This can lead to potentially dangerous inconsistencies and poor decisions, resulting in plummeting customer satisfaction. Coforge can help capital markets firms bring order to their data management chaos by orchestrating efficiency across varied and voluminous data streams.

Types and Usage of Enterprise Data

Management Information

  • Risk Management
  • Performance
  • Client Reporting
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Business Intelligence

Unstructured Data

  • Social Media
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Word Documents
  • E-mails
  • Audio Files

Transaction Systems

  • Advisory Services
  • Middle Office / Cash Movement
  • Portfolio Management / Trading
  • Front Office / Client Management
  • Back Office Settlement and Accounting

Reference Data

  • Advisory Services >
  • Portfolio Management / Trading
  • Front Office / Client Management
  • Middle Office / Cash Management
  • Back Office Settlement and Accounting

Master Data

  • Client
  • Holdings
  • Securities
  • Counter Parties
  • Transactions
  • Product
  • Market

Leverage Our End-to-End Asset Data Management Offerings

The Coforge Capital Markets Practice provides financial institutions with a comprehensive, end-to-end set of solutions that reduces the cost of reference and master data, and enables the transformation of inaccurate data into clean, rules-driven, enterprise-wide useful information.


Key Components of Our Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Approach

  • Normalized, Validated, and Trusted Data
  • Exception Management
  • Rules-driven
  • Workflow-based
  • Publishing Framework
  • Full 360-degree Coverage
  • Data Store
  • ‘Golden copy’ of data for all lines of business
  • Consistent Mappings


Our process, operations, and technology experts conduct a comprehensive and methodical evaluation of the client’s technical architecture and enterprise data management processes. They also work in tandem with the client’s reference and master data teams to gain a deep understanding of various requirements across the data management sphere. Based on the assessment, we develop a highly detailed buy or build recommendation and roadmap for how the client will best obtain and manage their data in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

IT Services

Whether the recommendation from the consulting review is build or buy, we are geared to deliver. In a build situation, we assume responsibility for developing the most advantageous and effective rules and matching engine, and integrating it into the existing technical architecture—upstream (connecting to the short-listed external data providers) and downstream (ensuring the required data is accessible via the client’s core accounting engine as well as performance and compliance systems). Additionally, we identify obsolete technology, and develop a detailed project plan for its retirement and replacement. When the agreed solution is to buy a new system from a third party, we provide recommendations on the appropriate provider, put a plan in place for retiring the obsolete systems, and serve as a systems integrator for the new platform. In both scenarios, the key outcome is a consistent ‘golden copy’ of the data in which all users see clean and accurate information consistently across the enterprise

Business Process Outsourcing

When the client lacks access to local, process-knowledgeable talent and/or is looking to substantially reduce enterprise data management expenses, we have a pool of expert resources available to manage the work onsite, onshore, or offshore. The advantages to the client are offloaded responsibility of peak-and-valley staff planning, and a variable cost structure that more closely matches the revenue cycle of the firm. In this offering, the client maintains the technology infrastructure and software licenses, while we supply the required manpower to complete the tasks. This can be either a full or partial BPO, depending on the client’s needs.

Integrated Solutions

For a client seeking a turnkey approach to enterprise data management needs, we offer a fully outsourced and cost-variable utility service where we provide people, processes, and technology to deliver the desired data, as per the data sources the client wants to use for each asset type. Here, the total expense of data management moves to Coforge in return for a single variable cost model. We ensure that the processes and technology remain best-in-class, and that agreed SLAs and KPIs are consistently met or exceeded throughout the duration of the engagement.

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