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ECM Digital Workplace


Highly regulated industries face various challenges with their large number of customer-facing documents, including lack of information access and decision-making, poor information security and compliance, fragmented digital experience, the need to handle a wide range of content formats, and high costs for information maintenance. These challenges result in inefficiencies, sub-optimal decisions, poor user experience, data breaches, penalties, and damage to reputation and trust, as well as the potential loss of information.


By reducing the costs of physical filing storage, organizations can save on expenses such as physical room rental, cabinet maintenance, and index cards. Legal discovery costs can also be reduced through the use of more efficient and accurate search and filtering tools, resulting in lower expenses. With a sophisticated infrastructure plan and the use of a manageable containerization platform, organizations can reduce downtime in the event of natural disasters. Additionally, organizations can benefit from a simplified collaboration solution with a proven enterprise architecture for working with multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally.


Coforge offers comprehensive information management applications to improve business efficiency and boost productivity. Our ECM solutions provide customers with a single point of access to data from multiple applications, enabling quick and easy information retrieval. Our team of industry experts provides simplified deployment and ongoing management of the ECM platform. We also offer tailored solutions to fit the unique needs of each organization, including the information to be archived and the desired access methods. Our solutions adhere to compliance standards and meet organizational best practices and international regulatory demands for corporate policy governance


Our solution effectively discovers both structured and unstructured content and data through eDiscovery, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the information. We also perform robust analysis using natural language processing for content classification. With our solution, organizations can effectively migrate, manage, archive, and clean data through application decommissioning. Additionally, we facilitate collaboration and ensure that the right information is delivered to the correct person at the right time through collaboration and rights management


As a leading player in the industry, we are driving the shift and redefining the concept of ECM. Our approach emphasizes the integration of content into enterprise processes and procedures, rather than relying on monolithic systems. We stay ahead of the latest data protection and privacy requirements, including compliance with the EU's GDPR, by offering advanced retention management, end-to-end auditing of information access, and controlled deletion of customer data. Our offerings meet the growing demand for SaaS and cloud solutions, and our well-designed, standardsbased APIs support the digital transformation of business processes for a competitive advantage. Our expertise in machine learning and AI enables us to provide extreme automation and quick adjustment to new and unforeseen use cases for ECM customers.


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