Delivering Exceptional Business Value with Cutting Edge Portal Solutions

The financial services industry has witnessed a sea change from the conventional brick-and-mortar set up, to having multiple business channels including ATMs, call centers, smartphones and PDAs, and portals. Exponential growth of the Internet and increased customer expectations have made it critical for banks to provide more than just the basic information online. Banks portals are now a means of offering value-added services to existing customers while acquiring and maintaining new relationships. Coforge’ deep domain knowledge helps clients in building an effective portal that not only meets productivity demands, but can also amplify the organization’s range of accessible customers.

Setting the Pace with Virtual Banking

The widespread adoption of digital banking by the informed and connected customer means that customer engagement must go beyond the traditional mode of phone and personal interaction. With Coforge' Advisor Portal Solutions, organizations can work in collaboration with other employees and respond faster to customer requirements. Our best-in-class portal development and implementation solutions for global clients deliver critical tangible benefits:

  • Deep domain expertise
  • Software engineering
  • Solution design excellence
  • Proven capabilities of industry leading products
  • Addressing of unique and challenging compliance needs of global organizations