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Cognitive - Amplify Your Potential with AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled enterprises elevate human potential to do more with less. AI helps to intelligently automate wide range of manual tasks in your IT operations, freeing up the bandwidth of subject matter experts (SMEs) to handle higher value tasks. With AI-enabled IT operations, you also get to deliver exceptional value to your stakeholders in terms of unparalleled efficiencies and superior customer experience. There are many narrow AI solutions focusing on specific challenges, however only general AI solutions can solve challenges of different areas and origins. Coforge offers a general AI solution through its unique TRON Smart Automation platform, which enables you to rapidly deploy AI in your IT operations.

Jumpstart Your AI Journey

While enterprises are keen to embrace AI, they often struggle to start in the absence of any well-defined approach. Coforge enables enterprises to embark on the AI journey by following a robust three-step approach: Assess and Validate, Automate, and Augment.

Assess and Validate:Good data remains the key for successful AI deployment. Enterprises generate large set of data across their IT landscape of service operations. However, only relevant good data can be used for AI-enabled automation. Coforge’ AI Readiness Assessment framework assesses maturity level of your operations by analyzing these data sets across various dimensions. Based on the outcome of the assessment, a detailed report is created depicting potential for AI-enabled automation. Business case prioritization for areas identified for AI-enabled automation is formulated and validated in the existing eco-system of your enterprise through a proof of value (POV) assignment.

assesment_reportAutomate: Based on the learnings from the POV assignment, we implement and integrate relevant components of TRON Smart Automation in your IT operations. As a preferred implementation partner of HIROTM, a general problem-solving AI-enabled automation solution from Arago, we can quickly integrate it into any existing environment without much customization or new infrastructure needs. HIROTM uses machine learning and reasoning to autonomously solve complex problems in ambiguous environments and dynamically reacts to changes. We optimize its performance by continuously adding knowledge from our subject matter expertise making it more robust and efficient over a period of time.

You can aim to achieve the benefits as illustrated below: :

cognitive_benifitsAugment: With growth and expansion, every enterprise keeps on acquiring new knowledge and data. The same knowledge needs to be fed to the AI-enabled solutions to enhance its problem-solving capabilities.

We offer flexibility with various engagement models and pricing constructs to continuously augment our solution. In one of the models, we create a joint CoE where our automation architects and experts manage the solution post implementation for you by continuously infusing knowledge to the solution.

Delivering More Value

  • More Efficiency: The AI-enabled automation solution improves staff efficiency by 50%
  • More Cost Savings: Enables 30-50% reduction in IT costs
  • More Reusability: 80% of the knowledge can be reused within the organization and 33% across organizations

The Coforge Advantage

Coforge’ vast vertical experience and domain expertise in AI and automation ensures cost and manpower optimization by integrating infrastructure with the run side of the business. Operational excellence is maintained by measuring response time of business applications.

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