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CloudPixy™: Kickstart Governance and Orchestration with Insight-driven Plug-and-Play IT


Most organizations which adopted a Cloud-first strategy a few years ago did so initially to lower Capex/Opex and scale with ease. However, the focus of cloud migration has gradually shifted to digital transformation in most of these organizations now. This, in turn, has changed the way they move to cloud in a world of multi-cloud reality in which diverse cloud providers coexist to cater to different requirements. We offer a holistic solution to orchestrate, manage and monitor multiple cloud environments to ease the challenges of such an important journey for organizations.

Challenges of Multi-cloud

Complexity: Cloud providers employ different technologies, sport different interfaces, provide a variety of services, and employ a multitude of terminologies.

Reduced Efficiency: Multiple environments working in silos reduce efficiency and put organizational capabilities under stress.

Scale and Performance: Moving to Cloud makes firms dependent on the service providers causing an inherent lack of control that can turn into real-time monitoring issues.

Lack of Skills: Each Cloud requires a special set of skills to operate and manage it.

Associated Costs: Repetitive administrative tasks for solution architects prove expensive for support organizations.

Compliance: Every provider has a different set of tools to design and manage security and compliance.


CloudPixyTM, our multi-cloud orchestration solution is a one-stop-solution for all your cloud management needs. Its integrated approach helps you manage the multi cloud landscape that seamlessly connects infrastructure, data, applications, and business processes together. It guides the cloud transformation journey from discovery to final optimization.

CloudPixyTMis akin to the connective tissue that intelligently connects all capabilities enterprises and service providers require to conduct their business in a digital world.It enables it with a user-friendly graphical interface where users can manage various cloud environments by using a simple drag-and-drop feature from a pre-defined catalog. It also provides Business Analytics with a unified pane of usability dashboards.


Automation and Orchestration: Automated provisioning and de-provisioning services across legacy bare-metal and multi-cloud environments with the help of comprehensive automation of cloud services.

Agile pipeline integration: DevOps with CI/CD that integrates IT operations management and application performance management through partner tools and solutions.

Predictive analytics: Financial Management through insight-driven vendor-agnostic dashboards and prescriptive cost analytics.

Privacy: CloudPixyTMcan be integrated with private cloud environments. (Ex: VMware, Hypervisor and other supported environments)

Simplicity: ITaaS with the ease of transacting online using e-commerce

Pre-defined Service Catalog: Service Catalogs can be configured with attributes, prices (hourly, monthly, one-time), either as ala carte or as bundles. This will enable users with required committed resources at 40% less cost compared to on-demand services.

Cloud Portfolio Management and Modelling Platform

CloudPixyTMeCommerce Control Center presents a comprehensive, intuitive Cloud administration panel, and provides partners with hundreds of standard functions that can be adapted or personalized to respond to most Cloud business and portfolio management needs. It enables a host of important features:

  • Centralized service/product management platform with advanced pricing, budgeting, spend capping, financial (taxes and markup), analytics, and management dashboards
  • Integrated Service Market Place Portals including multi-lingual, multi-currency options
  • Agile service implementation and change management features for new and existing services
  • Extensive pre-defined product parameters to select and leverage to simplify new Service introduction and drive consistent terms, nomenclature and launch processes
  • Devops integration with CI/CD, Source control/store, agile knowledge management, automated test execution by enabling policy enforcement with compliance.

Open Cloud Marketplace Orchestration Engine

CloudPixyTMhas OOTB integration with all public and private cloud providers. The orchestration engine uses industry-standard API’s to leverage public APIs and SDKs. It integrates with ITSM tools, monitoring tools, any SaaS applications and cloud platforms like open container, cloud foundry as well. It also provides adapters to expose the in-built APIs so that external providers can extract from the system and perform the needed actions. In addition, it supports Restful APIs.

Single Pane of View - Control Panel Management The CloudPixyTMAdministrative Advanced Graphical Interface for Control panel provides partners or end-users with a centralized and consolidated view of analytical insights with utilization forecasts of their Cloud-based or other service assets being consumed via the Cloud services portal along with a broad set of Management features.

Flexible Billing Management System CloudPixyTMprovides complete Billing as Service Management, Integration (OSS-BSS) and Reporting services functions for any product based on an intuitive pricing management layer (ECC) and an Enterprise CMDB Billing aggregation and a UI/UX interface. Seamless Order-through-Cash Billing system that is globally scalable caters to all XaaS entitlements and Payment methods with integrated GRC & Policy.

Partner On-boarding Capability CloudPixyTMISV On-boarding capability will unlock the value of business partner ecosystems and offer an economically scalable environment for all the stakeholders – Business Customers, ISVs and System integrators. ISV’s can achieve growth, Users can access more cost-effective solution options and system integrators can pursue new revenue channels in partnership with Cloud Market Place technology capability.

Advanced Application Networking Blueprint Service blueprints enable the design, management and build all of the underlying CloudPixyTMTechnology and Service components, operations, and resource sets that define SaaS Business Service deliverables.


CloudPixy: Functional Blocks

Delivering More Value

  • Single pane view with an exceptional graphical interface
  • Single sign-on within the existing authentication environment
  • Drag-and-drop feature to create downloadable infrastructure diagrams
  • Single-click infrastructure provisioning to reduce human errors
  • Tracking of costs that were previously un-trackable, such as Shadow IT spending through Business Analytics
  • Up to 30% cost savings with the use of single console for multiple clouds, eliminating multiple expensive cloud resources
  • Configuration code saving and extraction in Json Format
  • Support for other native scripting languages and Restful API’s
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