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Transforming Manufacturing Operations to Drive Agility and Profitability

The success of the new manufacturing network hinges on the agility of information technology (IT) systems. Coforge can help you reshape your technology landscape to help accelerate the path from strategy to outcomes. From enhancing manufacturing processes to enabling greater enterprise collaboration to speeding up time-to-market, from ERP to dealer management to mobility, we deliver the agility you seek—with new ideas and more value.

Is Your IT Ready for the New Face of Manufacturing?

Manufacturing has evolved to a state where systems are more networked than ever, development lifecycles are shrinking, and digital technologies are shaping smarter products. Customers want to be awed across the lifecycle—from consideration to after-sales—with rich experiences on every channel. To keep pace with these changes and capitalize on new opportunities, your operations need to be more connected, agile, and smart. But achieving this can be difficult when your IT systems are not geared for today’s realities.

Accelerate Your Journey with Coforge

Coforge has deep understanding of the manufacturing and distribution businesses and has helped clients across the world make sound decisions regarding the deployment of automated, transparent, and integrated information management systems across their value chain. With a blend of IT services and BPM solutions addressing both broad-based and niche requirements, we are working closely with leading global manufacturers to reduce their IT spending, create an agile IT infrastructure, embrace emerging technologies, and adopt best-of-breed IT processes. Our clients count on us for envisioning, planning, and architecting business solutions and services that they can leverage in their next-generation manufacturing journey.

New Ideas and More Value: From Consulting to Implementation to Support


Our consulting capabilities in core process excellence helps you become more competitive through ERP-enabled transformation programs and supply chain initiatives. Whether it is defining information technology strategies, facilitating product innovation, or supporting complex change initiatives, we have the expertise to deliver.

  • Feasibility Studies: Working closely with your key business users, our consultants conduct a product evaluation study to identify future requirements. The approach is to ensure maximum scalability with least disruption to the existing ERP and other extended systems in the ecosystem. We also assist customers in defining risk and mitigation plans, cutover strategies, and total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations.
  • Shared Services: Recognizing that spend management, customer management, logistics, and distribution are key focus areas for every manufacturing business, our domain experts leverage their process expertise to help package high-quality customized services with measurable benefits.
  • Consulting Services: We help define strategies that maximize ERP investments across SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and RAMCO systems.

Hosted Solutions

We help you address the dual agenda of protecting existing market share while innovating for growth with next-generation solutions that enable greater visibility, collaboration, and productivity in the manufacturing value chain.

It integrates ERP systems with mobile devices over GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi, and is compatible with most mobile platforms, including iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Symbian.

  • ProcureEasy: We offer a scalable and best-of-breed industry spend management solution that enables automation of sourcing, procurement, analytics, and supplier management functionalities. We also provide a hosted solution that ensures visibility and pinpoints inefficiencies, which can then be transformed into a competitive advantage.
  • ERP on Mobile Enterprise Mobility Solutions: A ready-to-use, SAP-integrated mobile application suite, Enterprise Mobility Solutions is a user-friendly tool for management, associates, and sales teams.

Niche Offerings

Our custom solutions have been designed with highly specific process insight and best practices from engagements with large manufacturing enterprises. These solutions unlock the power of collaboration and unleash efficiency in global manufacturing networks.

Dealer Management Solution: With the increasing need for a lean and agile supply chain, manufacturers must efficiently manage, track, and improve the performance of their dealers. Our Dealer Management Solution provides enhanced capabilities in tracking equipment sales, parts management (ordering, physical inventory, pricing, and returns management), after-sales service management, warranty claim management, order processing, and reporting.

In the era of connected operations, manufacturers are becoming more transparent in sharing their production targets, production schedules, and orders with suppliers, who are seen as an extended arm of the enterprise. Suppliers are also expected to share their dispatch plans and advance shipment notices to further enhance operational effectiveness. Our Supplier Portal Solution provides comprehensive collaboration capabilities for manufacturers and suppliers, including functions for ordering, receiving, payments, alerts, and reports.

Warehouse Management Solution: This enables complete access to all the aspects of product delivery and helps you make real-time changes, as necessary. The level of warehouse management software integration can extend to any process that involves sharing information with other systems, to help achieve optimal performance in supply chain management areas. Some of the key business benefits of the solution are reduced inventory, improved labor productivity, increased shipping accuracy, and improved inventory visibility.

Implementation Services

Our IT services such as ERP implementation, application integration, testing, and system consolidation can help you gain new efficiencies and ensure your operations are fully optimized.

  • End-to-end Implementation: Whether it’s SAP ERP, Microsoft ERP, Oracle suites, or Ramco products, our proven template-based implementation approach ensures detailed planning, conformance to project management guidelines, accurate execution, and optimized resource management throughout the program.
  • Roll-out / Upgrade: Our well-defined upgrade methodology enables smooth and visible process changes. Tools and templates ensure high re-usability through enhanced information accessibility. We add value throughout the project through detailed planning, impact assessment, and transition management.
  • Testing Services: We ensure software quality assurance during implementation of ERP+ projects, especially when implementing global roll-outs and interfaces. Out team of trained domain and technical consultants, with expertise in functional, black box, load, and integration testing canassist companies in smooth implementation and roll-out of projects.
  • ERP+ Business Consulting: We assess the value of adding new solutions and processes (before developing a new or upgrading existing IT infrastructure) by analyzing their requirements. You can leverage our expertise in designing the architecture of business processes, associated systems, and organizational structures to improve business performance.
  • Migration and ERP+/IT Landscape Consolidation: Our proven extensive expertise in optimization and consolidation of ERP+/IT systems can help align an existing system landscape after restructuring of an organization or help tune a system landscape with individual business requirements
  • Program Management: We can help organizations achieve their business goals, increase effectiveness in execution of complex programs, and resolve challenges of complex ERP+/IT projects.
  • SAP Implementation: During implementation of SAP’s ERP+ offerings, our focus is to help improve visibility and weed out the inefficiencies. With best practices from our centers of competence, we ensure success in implementation of the following SAP products: ERP, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Relationship Management, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Managed Services

If you are grappling with increasing IT complexity, rising costs, and the need to deliver value through streamlined operations, our Managed Services can help. We can take over the administrative, operational and maintenance aspects of essential day-to-day IT management, so you can focus on IT activities that enhance competitive advantage.

Managed Services from Coforge simplify the operational and investment challenges related to IT by delivering infrastructure and applications as completely administered services. Our comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services include Infrastructure Management Services, Production Support, and Managed Security Services.

brochure35Coforge Managed Services Portfolio

Driving Outcomes That Matter

From automating auction processes to simplifying dealer management processes, we have delivered solutions that are at the heart of manufacturing transformation. We have helped our clients realize far-reaching benefits in supply chain efficiency, sales productivity, system availability, operational agility, and customer-centricity.

Success Stories

Improving Supply Chain Visibility for a Leading Automobile Manufacturer

Business Need: Seamless integration of sales and after-sales processes, marketing and customer-facing actions, inventory, and logistics activities of the manufacturer’s dealer network.

Our Solution

  • Designed and developed demand and production forecasting processes to simplify dealer ordering of vehicles with complete tracking of the order-to-cash cycle
  • Integrated the demand and production forecasting system with other systems in the extended value chain
  • Completed lifecycle development and implementation of vehicle service processes from appointment request to vehicle delivery
  • Improved productivity of packaging operations and stock maintenance by developing an overseas export management platform
  • Deployed a template-driven approach, extending it to more than 400 dealers

Powering a Global Technology Backbone for a Large Cement Manufacturer

Business Need: Standardize enterprise solutions globally through SAP, set up a dedicated data center to manage operations, and provide application support and maintenance services.

Our Solution

  • Provided IT infrastructure management and application management facilities across multiple geographical locations
  • Managed a 24X7 help desk, supporting more than 4,000 end-users with strong SLA adherence
  • Improved return on IT investments with hosted services and reduced time-to-market
  • Introduced SPOC-based mechanism for streamlining IT processes
  • Implemented disaster recovery and compliance mechanisms

Agility at the Heart of Transformation

What is better than having a trusted partner who can help you get from idea to value faster?


The path from idea to value can be long and arduous. Not with us. We recognize that to compete at the speed of change, technology can no longer be an enabler—it needs to help you drive the strategies you devise to capitalize on new opportunities.

With the right mix of business consulting, technology, business process management, and digital services, Coforge can help you shape a connected manufacturing enterprise. We have the breadth of skills, expertise, and scale to deliver across varied business needs. Whether it is a typical ‘business-as-usual’ engagement or handling your largest, most complex projects, we can help drive the agility you need to enter new markets, respond to changing customer expectations, and lead the next-generation manufacturing curve.

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