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Transforming Contract Loading Services with Quality, Scale, and Efficiency

Dynamic pricing, disruptive new competition, and the connected consumer-these are just some of the trends that have made contract loading more complex than ever for travel and destination management companies. In-house manual operations are no longer an option.

What companies need is new ideas and more value to stay ahead of the curve, which Coforge delivers through highly efficient, standardized and automated contract loading services. As one of the leading airlines services partners, we use our deep domain understanding to tailor a business process management (BPM) solution that unlocks agility in every process-from contract creation, supplier selection to offer management or revenue realization.

Stay Agile, Stay Competitive

Heightened competition in hospitality has brought about a significant shift in the way travel and destination management companies are run. The ever-increasing requirement of managing multiple contracts and agreements, along with the need to constantly update and manage information accuracy across multiple customer touch points, has resulted in increased time-to-market. Agility is the key to overcoming sluggish operations and the resulting loss of a competitive edge.

Having delivered reliable contract loading operations for leading travel and destination management companies, we understand what it takes to create agility for your company. With our in-depth understanding of varied contracts and changing pricing trends, we can manage your most complex processes more efficiently and reduce your time-to-market.

Our Solution

Manual capturing, updating and correction of air, hotel and tour operator rates is time-consuming and at risk of human error.

These manual processes detract organizations from other core and important business processes. Coforge offers comprehensive contract loading services to lower total cost of ownership through standardization, automation, creation of economies of scale, and efficiency gains. This helps enterprises in enhancing process control and agility while reducing revenue leakages.

Our integrated solution automates time-consuming manual business processes that hinder productivity and efficiency. With our experience and domain expertise, we have gained deep understanding of the complexities and challenges in managing contract loading, amendments, special offers, policies, restrictions, blackout dates, taxes and amenity changes. It enables us to tailor our BPM solution to meet industry-specific demands, and help our clients focus on core business activities.

Coforge Contract Loading Services

  • Contract Loading: Amenities loading, policy loading, restrictions, special offers, special rates, discounts, taxes, seasonality, etc.
  • Quality Audits: Preliminary and secondary audit of new contracts, amendments, rates, blackouts, transactions and validation through sales environment testing.

BPM Operations

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Value Addition

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Delivering More Value to Travel and Destination Management Enterprises

  • More Accuracy: Six Sigma- and Lean-based quality framework and quality assurance methodology for risk mitigation
  • More Efficiency:Streamlined workflow and semi-automated inputs for increasing accuracy
  • More Agility:Reducing time-to-market by enabling greater information accuracy across touchpoints
  • More Profitability: Improved sales and increased revenue as a result of process perfection, and value-added services
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