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Smart Enterprises Keep Raising The Bar


A smart enterprise keeps on challenging the way it runs businesses with new ideas and delivers exceptional value to its stakeholders. It is reinforced on strong pillars of intelligence and empathy. A smart enterprise spends less and achieves more by taking an intelligent approach and leveraging the disruptive ecosystem. At the same time, it realizes that ultimately it is in the business of making people’s lives better. It goes beyond the expected outcomes and delivers heart-touching experiences to its internal and external stakeholders.

For a smart enterprise, business and IT are two sides of the same coin. The traditional expectation from IT is to consistently enable high performing businesses. IT infrastructure services play a critical role in delivering to this expectation. However, a smart enterprise expects much more.

At Coforge, we challenge the way IT infrastructure is built, operated, or managed. We are at the heart of 80+ smart enterprises that are transitioning to the new age. Our strong service culture for personalized services helps us go beyond meeting high service levels to delivering Empathetic Experiences.

We take an application-centered approach while delivering infrastructure services. Leveraging own IPs, new age toolsets, and using innovative processes, we bring in intelligent automation across the service delivery landscape and enable Smart IT Operations.

Our clients expect much more than the traditional outsourcing or offshoring cost benefits. We act as Orchestrators of Best-Fit IT Infrastructure Solutions to provide cost benefits beyond the norm.

Delivering Empathetic Experiences

Traditionally IT infrastructure services are delivered by knowledge workers with an engineering mindset, where they do exceptionally well on meeting technical service levels. However, often high level of end user dissatisfaction with overall service experience still remains. We believe there is a need to systematically inculcate a service mindset where outcomes are measured on service experience.

As a specialist for few focused industries, we have learnt how to contextualize our services and service levels as per the industry's prime focus.

Systematically Building a Strong Service Culture

We are graduating toward a superior service culture. We have been institutionalizing ‘Up Your Service’ program in the organization, which is essentially bringing about this culture change. Hi-5 is an initiative that speaks of five traits every employee demonstrates and is measured upon. These traits are:

  • Think customer
  • Challenge status quo
  • Unleash ideas
  • Improve continuously
  • Take ownership

Therefore, services to our customers are rooted in an empathy-infused culture.

We measure customer experience using a very simple but powerful service scale comprising five levels. In addition, we run a regular and independent Voice of Customer (VoC) program and continuously improve our IT infrastructure service delivery by understanding how customers feel about our services.


Measuring Service Experience

We understand that each customer organization is unique and one size can’t fit all. The IT infrastructure services’ support hours, location mix, service levels, and resource deployment need to be aligned to the persona of the business, the persona of the user, and the persona of the end customer.

Based on the business criticality of the applications, we categorize and recommend the best-fit service level from Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels.

Remote monitoring at an IT Infrastructure level is a standard service outsourced. It is not enough. A real-time view of the business processes impacted and affected by the infrastructure is important to prioritize the services.

At Coforge, we focus on ‘business level monitoring,’ where we use tools to monitor business functions like HR, marketing, finance etc., and vertical-focused business processes like bookings, check-in, etc. in travel industry, for instance.


Aligning Offerings with Core Industry Focus

Each industry is characterized by certain core business processes, which need specialized IT infrastructure support. We know these processes extremely well in our focused industries and offer specific IT infrastructure offerings to boost their performance.

For example, we have an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) offering to enhance the performance of customer facing applications used by a connected passenger. We have a variety of strong storage and archiving offerings best-suited for the media industry.

Given our understanding of the challenges of underwriters for whom risk assessment would not be possible without managing multiple databases, we have designed data management and analytics offerings for the same. We have delivered best-in-class services to some of the biggest names in each of the following industry domains.


Enabling Smart Operations

As an organization, we are seeing three shifts in the market:

  • A Cloud First Strategy
  • An Agile Strategy
  • An Automation Strategy

We believe that a combination of these three is essential to deliver Smart Operations.

Jumpstarting your Business Services

Organizations may not be hooked on to one Cloud strategy but rather they may have two or more Cloud providers or a combination of an internal private Cloud and an external public Cloud. These organizations would need to do the following in such a scenario:

  • Manage workload on Cloud effectively
  • Scale-up or scale-down workload
  • Operate a single pane of view
  • Orchestrate workload to align with business services

Coforge has developed a proprietary solution “Maximus” to enable programmable IT Infrastructure and address the above needs. Maximus is a self-service solution with exceptional graphical interface to intuitively

provision IT environment for any business service regardless of the Cloud environment.


4x Faster Cloud Data Center Delivered in Record Time

A large, Thailand-based cement manufacturer demerged from the parent company and thus needed a rapid setup of its own IT estate from scratch to remain competitive. Coforge used SIAM (service integration and management) techniques, fail fast approach, and partner-led intelligent automation tools to set up a digital ready Cloud data center in just six months, which enabled SAP HANA implementation and integration with emerging technologies. With the new software defined data center, the access speed of applications improved from 1200 milli-seconds to just 300 milli-seconds.

Enabling Continuous Delivery for Business Agility

In the fast-paced digital world, the traditional approach will be suboptimal where IT infrastructure is sequentially planned, approved, created, and then scaled. The world has moved to iterative, agile environment using DevOps to enable continuous delivery and improve release velocity, and reduce wait times or errors.

Our DevOps solutions uncover previously masked people and process communication issues to generate positive business outcomes. We work with our partners to incorporate different tools into a streamlined release plan that fully automates deployment and code promotion across all environments. We specialize in DevOps enablers such as managing dev and test environment and enabling service virtualization.

We are focused on Pega, especially in the Banking & Financial Services business. We have created iPCD, which is a Pega Continuous Delivery framework. The framework uses Pega 7’s case management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process. It brings together a number of key DevOps processes, specifically: Continuous Integration, Scripted Deployment and the Deployment Pipeline.


iPCD: Pega Continuous Delivery Framework

Driving Left Shift: Intelligent Automation Everywhere

The greatest objective of automation is to drive Left Shift and to do this effectively, we need to incorporate intelligence in our automation efforts across infrastructure services. We focus on automation at every level:

  • Intelligent Service Desk: Deliver much better first call resolution using intelligent and automated knowledge scripts
  • Asset management: Enable auto discovery of assets
  • Alert and Incident Management: Use unified command center, auto ticketing, self-remediation tools, and automation of SOPs
  • Operations Management: A single pane view with partner tools and our proprietary CIO Dashboard. Leverage collaboration and auto deployment tools

Coforge’ exceptional knowledge of infrastructure management services has greatly helped in the establishment of AOCC; they continue to do a commendable job of keeping the system up and running.

ED-IT, Airports Authority of India


Orchestrating Best-fit Solutions

We recommend our Point of View (PoV) within the constraints of your existing environment and provide you with multiple solution options. We can bring in the most effective partner and choose the right engagement model depending upon your business situation, needs, and wants. We are your best-fit IT infrastructure solution orchestrator to deliver cost benefits beyond the norm.

Leveraging Cost-Effective Partner Solutions

As much as we rely on our own proprietary toolsets, we understand the power of leveraging rapidly evolving external technology ecosystem. To ensure cost-effectiveness and enable you to reap maximum benefits of using cutting-edge tools, technology, and platforms, we recommend and leverage right fit partners in our solution.

We have strong engagement with our partners across all areas of Infrastructure Services like DevOps, Workplace Services, Data Center Services, Cloud Services, IT Operations Management, Mobile Device Management, Application Performance and Monitoring, and Service Management.

Reducing Costs with CA’s Automated Release Management

A leading specialist in air transport communications was looking to improve the quality of a complex, business-critical application with lengthy release cycles. Coforge deployed CA Release Automation as the best-fit tool for working across hybrid environments. The tool automates the entire release cycle from development and build through to launch in the production environment. As a result, the client now required only two resources working on the application, drastically reducing the earlier resource count of 12 and thereby reducing staff costs by 80%.


Offering a Choice of Engagement Models

At Coforge, you experience the flexibility of engaging with us. We understand every business has its unique requirements and as much as we would like to provide our recommendations, we understand the need to be flexible to accommodate some limitations, and protect your existing investments. We provide you with a choice of engagement models and commercial models to best suit your business environment and maximize the return (as defined by you) on investments. We use ITIL v3, ISO 27001 compliant processes, and utilize the best-of-breed partner toolsets to deliver intelligent automation across all the models.


Service Offerings

We provide a wide range of best-in-class solutions and effective services that are spread across the Infrastructure Management Services value chain. You have the flexibility to engage with us end-to-end across all major IT Infrastructure areas or support your niche infrastructure services needs for or within a particular area with our modular offerings.


We set out to select a partner who will align well with our organizational culture, manage transition smoothly, provide a robust technical solution, and focus on innovation. Coforge’ solution fits well to these needs and we look forward to working with the company over the coming years. 
ICT Director of UK based Telecom Regulator
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