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Smart Document Processing

Everyone wants to get process into their organization. Whether you’ve been using Appian for 5+ years or are just starting out, you still have areas where process hasn’t taken hold. It’s often for the same reason: ROI.

For smaller processes, typically ones with a single document or involving lots of external data collection it’s tough to justify building an entire Appian application. With an ‘Onboarding for Everything’ framework, combined with document text extraction you get the best of both worlds.

Instead of spending time on developing forms initially, this solution can quickly get you up and running with a task based process that uses your existing documents to manage data. The Coforge developed text extraction platform allows us to retroactively normalize your data making it available to other systems and backwards compatible for when you decide to embed forms into a process.


Whether you’re a financial company, life sciences company, manufacturing company or really any business in 2020, you’re developing content. You might not even realize it. Sometimes it’s apparent, you’re a financial firm who’s publishing your quarterly review of GDP forecasts, sometimes it’s less so; you’re a health sciences company submitting a package for regulators. No matter what they content you’re creating you’ve got three hurdles to overcome:



Using our On-boarding Platform, within two weeks, you can track multistep interdependent tasks across departments and organizations. Now that’s just task tracking, giving you the immediate ability to provide structure and a single system of process. With our development teams, and our prescriptive approach to development, we focus on adding the features and functions you need built to collect data, integrate with your systems, and extract data from uploaded documents.

That last point is key, anyone can extract data from a document. However, we focus on using AI/ML to provide meaningful change.

Ask yourself this question: Is it useful to extract text from a document when your team is going to validate it every time? The answer is no as any time saved by the extraction is lost on their re-check. Instead we focus on providing it as a secondary validation to help users guard against errors. As comfort grows, we slowly phase out data entry enabling your employees to focus on more high value tasks

Often you need customer or external inputs to your process. A customer needs to fill out a form and you’d like to reduce the effort and mistakes involved in retyping their entries. Instead of building a new portal we can use SLICE(AI/ML) in combination with Appian to monitor an inbox, apply the right data to the right process and send automated follow-ups when data is missing or invalid.

This methodology and architecture can be applied to any number of processes within an organization to rapidly expand tracking and coordination.

Areas include; vendor onboarding, product launches, employee onboarding, organizational Audits and report preparation.

With this new onboarding platform, customers are realizing immediate benefits. We get critical path analysis, ensuring bottlenecks don’t strangle your business. We see a democratization of process, adding new process types, steps and requirements is configuration not code allowing for rapid expansion in your organization. A platform for growth, designed at the start to be expanded and customized for your needs.


With any of these processes comes the need to create content. Sometimes it’s a PDF, sometimes it’s an internal site page to share data on. Most of your content starts with a template or a format you want to match. It’s then combined with data from your process and with your authors adding contextualization. With our headless CMS system integrations your process becomes streamlined. Data from your process and records are seamlessly available in your content platforms in a variety of formats.

Content delivery is available across a variety of channels from PDF and web page to mobile apps, mailshots or newsletters. Quarterly reports or news bulletins can be managed through Appian and built and delivered in the headless CMS system, giving you the process of Appian and the next gen content creation of headless CMS all in one package.



There are many ways to leverage this tool. If you are a financial firm looking to publish investor prospectuses for a variety funds on a quarterly basis for example, through Appian and Smart Document Processing, you can quickly upload and extract the relevant data from their financial filings and publications.

Next, using integrations to headless CMS you can provide that data to your templates and work with authors and fund analysts to review and edit your document before publication. After publishing it to all of your channels with headless CMS’s dynamic CMS engine, the Appian application can trigger reviews on a scheduled basis or even monitor and trigger reviews if underlying data changes. And that’s just one example.

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