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Digital Travel Concierge:Supercharging Your Engagement with Travelers

We are living in an ‘experience economy’ where travelers are engrossed in a journey tailor-made for them. Natural Language solutions are catalyzing this evolution with intelligent virtual assistance amounting to a market size of US$750 million in 2015. Travelers feel stressed at different stages of their travel across various touch points. Artificial Intelligence-based digital assistants can intervene and convert stress-creating moments into touch points where the traveler can end up “feeling special.” Coforge’ Digital Travel Concierge, an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, generates intelligent conversational interfaces that not only help you boost sales but also engage your users and retain them.

Crafting "Feel Special" Moments

Digital is changing the way travelers interact with brands and companies. While consumers are eager to use technology, experience shows that most digital solutions compromise on providing superior customer experience to reduce costs.

Current digital solutions lack the end customer empathy to truly create outstanding experiences for their travelers. Most interventions today are designed to address transactions, e.g. online booking, which is a small part of the traveler journey. What is really missing is end-to-end journey assistance. Manual actions initiated by users are not proactive in their assistance. Most importantly, caged experiences, where the next best actions, relevant information, and offers are placed based on a predicted need can many a times be inorganic and not mutually driven. Conventional interfaces compel a traveler to be lost in humongous number of tabs/features etc. in a limited screen space. All of these accumulate to generate stress-creating moments for the traveler

Digital Travel Concierge helps overcome these limitations and assists the traveler journey. For example, assisting in baggage preparations based on destination weather forecast. AI-based interventions ensure proactiveness. Conversations lead to natural evolution of needs, thereby ensuring relevant offers and information. The most relevant information is placed in the limited screen space, driven by conversations, thereby offering a simplistic interface. All of these accumulate to become "Feel Special" moments for the traveler throughout their journey.


Our Solution

Coforge’ Digital Travel Concierge is a digital assistance solution that uses the power of advanced AI to address the needs of travelers.


solution integrates with client services, as well as a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to handle traveler interactions. It learns continuously, which translates to accurately calibrated engagements over time.

Natural Language Processing: Travelers interact with the app using conversations.

Speech Recognition: Speech to Text, Text to Speech.

Conversational UI: User interacts through text and every other media possible

Advanced AI:

  • Makes proactive offers in stressful situations such as missing a connecting flight
  • Improves overall experience by placing right offer in the right context
  • Remembers conversation context to arrive at dynamically placed information and offers

Omni-channel Presence:
It is available across iOS, Android, Web, and other channels

Delivering More Value


  • More Sales: Boosts airline sales revenue through better conversions of smartly placed cross-sell and up-sell offers at the respective monetizing moments.
  • More Improvements: Insights from conversations open up unlocked opportunities for engagement improvements.
  • More Brand Value: End-to-end assistance, even in touch points, which are not under an airline's conventional purview, translates to high app store rankings, increased user retention, and higher user engagement rates.


  • More Satisfaction: Stress-creating touch points are identified and proactively converted into moments in which the end traveler feels special.
  • More Personalization: Hyper-personalized offers driven by conversations give a "cared for" feeling to travelers.
  • More Speed: NLP offers a much faster alternative to typing the whole set with filters.

The Coforge Advantage

Having partnered with over 50 airlines and 20 airports over the past decade, we, at Coforge, have multiple cross-functional teams with experts across digital practice and travel domains. Our experts conduct design thinking workshops to define the most critical personas for our clients, mapping their journeys to various touch points and identifying stress points based on our experience. We have partnered with companies that helps us in delivering superior experiences through digital solutions.

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