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Coforge has over two decades of experience working in legacy modernization projects

Coforge has over two decades of experience working on legacy modernization projects over a wide range of technologies in the TTH domain for global clients. We have developed robust offerings and methodologies for legacy modernization.  
We have extensive end-to-end experience and required partnerships with tools vendors of legacy technologies that are still running worldwide. In addition, We have an in-house tools group. Coforge leverages a robust assessment methodology for enterprise and application assessment.  

Legacy modernization can be accomplished using different solution approaches, such as re-building the entire solution from scratch, placing a wrapper solution around the legacy system, or replacement using a packaged solution.  
Our legacy modernization services cover the following:  

•    Application portfolio assessment study  
•    Platform migration & extension 
•    Re-architecting & Re-engineering 
•    Legacy Migration 
Operational cost reduction for scheduled batch jobs for the largest GDS in the Americas 

The customer had a suite of mainframe PL/1 based batch jobs running on a mainframe environment and having high running costs. Coforge used a tool-assisted approach to reengineer the mainframe PL/1 based applications to a completely open-source stack, C++ on Linux/ Intel-based servers. This resulted in a significant reduction in TCO after going into production enabled return on investment in just 20 months after going to production. Coforge adopted a batch jobs wise implemented approach to delivering faster ROI. Migrated applications were implemented without any impact and changes required at the integration points.  
Re-engineering of the PSS platform for travel product provider from the UK 

Airlines are under immense pressure to deliver offers consistently through every channel. This has proven to be a challenge for airlines given the inflexibility of existing legacy IT infrastructure.   
The new solution responds to airlines’ changing needs and enables them to determine their own unique business model. It offers the agility and personalization this new era requires  
Coforge adopted a re-engineering approach to migrate the functionality from the Legacy Mainframe system to a new Java-based web rich UI based application. Deployed 20+ scrum teams, trained on the customer processes and technologies within 3 months, and successfully executed the project in distributed agile methodology in a multi-vendor scenario.  

Mainframe offload program for the largest GDS in the Americas 

The customer has a large number of applications running in the TPF based GDS platform.  The customer started the journey to offload all applications to a new microservices-based platform in a cloud environment. Coforge signed a tripartite agreement with the customer and cloud service provider and deployed a large number of scrum teams in a short period of time. Most of the knowledge transition and team deployment happened during the pandemic. Coforge successfully started delivering the functional requirement as per the architecture of the target system and delivered the services to customers in a fixed capacity and fixed price engagement model.  

Legacy extension using our partnership ecosystem 

Coforge can easily create APIs for your legacy applications to unleash exciting, new digital innovations and choose to deploy them as microservices or serverless functions. Our solution offers direct legacy connection, automated code generation, and flexible deployment suiting the most complex needs.  

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