Point of View

  • The Case for User Experience Research

    User research can help enterprises identify needs and expectations, increase user empathy, uncover the actual issues underlying customer pain points, and spawn valuable inspirations for the new products. Coforge can help you tailor research activities based on your needs and budget in order to help you learn more about your users’ behavior and build the right product.

  • The Art of Service Integration and Management

    In multi-sourced operating models, where services are provided by myriad teams or delivery organizations, ensuring seamless delivery is a challenge. One way to address this challenge is through fragmented Service Integration and Management (SIAM) function. An effective SIAM strategy streamlines change management, invests in transformation, and enables collaborative relationship management.

  • From Efficiency to Effectiveness - Optimizing the Finance and Accounting Function

    In the last decade, CFOs and finance leaders have evolved from being caretakers of company finances to strategic partners steering the organization to achieve the end goal. At the same time transformation of the finance and accounting function also plays a crucial role in moving the finance department up on the maturity level. This Point of View explores the typical journey for a finance function and how its transformation to a world-class finance and accounting function has helped organizations improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Meeting Challenges of a Dynamic Market Landscape

    Companies are looking for next-gen IT outsourcing partners in a digital business environment. This paper discusses how mindset across all aspects of IT engagement has shifted from traditional to next-gen application outsourcing.Besides outlining a seven-pillar approach to next-gen application outsourcing, the paper also explains how the proposed framework can deliver on client's business priorities and provide effective solutions through services with a product mindset.

  • Demystifying Blockchain for Insurance

    The insurance industry is moving at a slow pace and is often the last financial sub-sector to incorporate any technological evolution. Among the evolving technologies, Blockchain can be deemed as the biggest disruptor in the insurance industry today. Blockchain can address the fundamental challenge of securely managing and tracking distributed digital transactions at a very high speed.

  • Embrace the New, Transform Processes, and Enrich Passenger Experience

    ONE Order initiative ensures gradual disappearance of multiple reference IDs in favor of one single order number. It delivers exceptional passenger experience and effectively manages travel operations. This point of view discusses the impact and challenges this new initiative and how can airlines implement it to bring about a positive transformation in their operations.

  • How Insurers Can Add Value for Their Customers

    The insurance industry is undergoing a transformation with strong undercurrents being powered by data optimization. Data optimization is your answer to improving customer experience with in-depth and real-time insights and creating more inclusive, personalized engagements.

  • Internet of Things in Insurance: Disrupting the Business Landscape

    Insurers pursuing the goal of improving the outcomes for customers, brokers, and partners are now waking up to the importance of IoT. By developing well-defined IoT-based solutions in the core business product space, insurers can experience great benefits.

  • Duck Creek Platform Data Migration Challenges - 12 Ways to Mitigate and Deliver Efficiency

    Duck Creek Technologies is a software suite that is configurable, scalable, and upgradable. The client faces challenges due to oversights in due diligence of business requirements and configuration of the Duck Creek platform. This whitepaper talks about the data challenges and the approach insurers must adopt to identify and resolve them.

  • Delivering Exceptional Experience by Providing Services with Product Mindset

    Are you looking for long-term, trust-based client relationships? Are you ready to cope with rapidly changing customer expectations and shift in the market landscape toward digitization? This point of view explains how delivering “Services with Product Mindset” can help effectively manage the expectations of the customers who are amidst digital transformation.

  • Optimize Investments in Airline Data Operations to Drive Value

    Keeping operational costs as low as possible is extremely critical for airlines due to slim margins and high competition in this sector. One of the best ways to achieve this aim is to optimize data management solutions given that most data management solutions currently available are investment-intensive including considerable recurring costs. This point of view explains how MAP.BMS framework seeks to overcome the challenge of operational costs through driving cost optimization.

  • Optimizing the Duck Creek Technologies User Experience from Implementation to Long-Term Sustainability