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The nature of competition today in the field of Surface Transport industry is fundamentally changing with Digitization. Coforge has been a trusted partner to various clients in the industry helping them foray into this digital transformation journey. Our digital consulting strategy and solutions provide a roadmap to clients to deliver superior technological support required to timely achieve planned milestones.

Digital is the way forward in the highly competitive surface transport industry. Coforge enables its clients to embark on its digital journey and stay ahead of the game through our consulting solutions. We implement two consulting approaches for the same:

  • PACE (Personalization for enhanced Ancillary revenue and Customer Experience) Assessment Methodology & Ecosystem along with the Reference Architecture.
  • Digital Maturity Assessment Model

For successful delivery of personalized engagement, Coforge uses the PACE Assessment methodology that measures the enterprise along the two dimensions of-

  • Personalization Maturity that helps understand customers and translate the data into actionable insights.
  • Engineering Maturity that creates the ability to engineer technology solutions that enable the use of insights to deliver personalized interaction with the customer.

PACE also uses Ecosystem and Reference Architecture to create a framework that entails the use of customer data from external and internal sources and convert them into actionalble insights. The PACE framework also contains an integration and channel enablement layer that ensures timely delivery of these insights to the Systems of Engagement to enable customer interaction with the enterprise.

The second approach is the Digital Maturity Assessment Model that defines the Transformation strategy focused on Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience, Merchandising and Personalization, using a multi-channel approach across the various customer touch points along the customer journey.

Using these frameworks, our solutions bring in the following benefits for clients-

  • Provision of turnkey digital strategies + Creation of a comprehensive digital strategy through processes like Gap Analysis, Application Portfolio Assessment, Problem evaluation and solution creation
  • Enablement of channel shift in online bookings
  • Improvement of customer experience and ancillary revenues across contact center and web channels by providing contextual personalized offers to passengers
  • Assessment of existing digital maturity




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Why Us ?
  • Improvement in online booking by 400% through channel shift from contact centers for a Global leader in chauffeured services
  • Extensive experience in consulting and assessment of major companies on digital maturity models
  • Established frameworks with proven outcomes for easy application - PACE and DMM
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