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Airports are turning to technology and the data collected by it for a smooth transition towards a more frictionless, traveler-centric approach to the end-to-end travel journey.The challenge that Airports face today is the efficient management and utilization of data to generate insights on critical Airport and ground handling operations, thus creating opportunities for monetization. Coforge with its extensive domain expertise along with its Analytics expertise enables Airports manage, modernize and monetize their data in an efficient way

We leverage our expertise across the airport domain, data & analytics to provide customized solutions and services. These solutions perform in-depth analytics for all areas of airports business by integrating data across 20+ airport systems into centralized data warehouse thereby helping airports optimize operational performance, reduce wait time, forecast passenger, baggage and cargo flow.We focus on three important pillars to enhance the management of critical operations at Airports:-

  • Manage - Enterprise Data Management, Data Integration and Managed Services
  • Modernise - Data Lakes, Analytics and Virtualisation
  • Monetize - Visualization and Insights

We work with the airports in the following areas:

  • Finance – Financial, Assets Management, Procurement & Contracts
  • Airport Real Estate – Car Parking, Offices, Lounges, Advertisements and Retail
  • Marketing – Airline Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Transfers
  • Ground Handling – Ramp Handling, Baggage Services, Terminal Services, Cargo Warehouse


  • Reduced passenger wait time
  • Improved airport revenues
  • Increased engagement with airlines
  • Improved ground handling services
  • Improved passenger experience

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  • 200+ BI and Analytics implementations worldwide
  • Enabled JIT delivery of shipments at a cargo terminal in Asia and enabled intelligent and efficient handling of specialised cargo based on real time planning and monitoring
  • 20+ airports as customers
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