Digital Consulting

Airlines have to transform their business models to deliver a hyper-personalised customer experience along the customer touchpoints spread across the customer journey. Seamless and contextual personalised interactions along with intelligent merchandising will help enhance customer engagement, improve customer service, and increase revenue. Relying on our domain experience, patented models, and digital consulting expertise, we can help Airlines unlock their true digital potential.

Digital consulting encompasses two key components—Digital Sales and Marketing Assessment Model (Patent Pending) and PACE (Personalization for enhanced Ancillary revenue and Customer Experience) assessment methodology and ecosystem along with the Reference Architecture. The Digital Sales and Marketing Assessment Model defines the transformation strategy focused on customer acquisition, customer experience, merchandising and personalization, using a multi-channel approach across the various customer touchpoints along the customer journey. This model will identify and define the integrated transformation approach that needs to be adopted to ensure business and technology go hand-in-hand to create a more customer focused business model.


The PACE assessment methodology measures an enterprise along the two dimensions that influence successful delivery of personalized engagement:

  • Personalization Maturity: An enterprise’s ability to understand its customer and then translate that understanding into actionable insight, is what actually determines where it stands along the personalization continuum.
  • Engineering Maturity: This dimension talks to an enterprise’s maturity to engineer technology solutions that enable the use of insights to deliver personalized interaction to the customer. The customer engages with the enterprise both directly (through direct channels such as your website, mobile app, etc.) and indirectly (through frontline employees who are enabled using technology systems).
  • Ecosystem and Reference Architecture: This framework entails the use of customer data from external and internal sources. This data is then transformed into information and actionable insights through Systems of Insight. The integration and channel enablement layer is the critical layer that ensures timely delivery of these insights to the Systems of Engagement, which finally enable customer interaction with the enterprise.
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