Mid and Back Office

With the changing technology landscape, travel distribution companies are evolving to cater to customer needs. Coforge with its deep domain expertise is transforming mid and back office processes to become more efficient through standardization and automation.

Coforge leverages emerging technologies like blockchain, automation using AI/ML transform back office operations by systematic and structured flow of work processes for smooth flow of information. Our Intelligent Automation Delivery Framework, Automation as a Service (AaaS) model and readymade bots enable travel distribution companies to smoothen this transformation and scale with ease. Other key tenets of our RPA solutions are as below:

Services Offered:

  • RPA Strategy
  • RPA Center of Excellence
  • Process Identification & Mapping
  • BOT Development & Deployment
  • BOT Monitoring

Detailed RPA Process:

  • Design: Design the workflow for BOT configuration and Set up BOT environments
  • Configure: Configure and train the BOT by work modules and Integrate all the work modules
  • Deploy : Test and deploy BOT, Conduct UAT and Baseline the BOT
  • Manage : Proactively monitor the BOT, Log, track and close issues and Manage CRs as per business requirements

We cover the following business areas:

  • Billing & Accounting
    • Enquiry and costing
    • Booking File Creation
    • Voucher Generation
    • Invoice generation
    • Account payable processing
    • Vendor payments
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Product Contract Management
    • Supplier and Agent Contracts
    • Rate Cards
  • Increased Reach
  • Better customer service
  • Management Control and Foresight
  • Improved performance and efficient management due to streamlined business process
  • Automation leading to reduced cost of operation
  • Improve service level and manage business activities.
  • Improved analytics
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Strong understanding of multiple travel platforms
  • 100+ bots created
  • Different engagement models and flexibility to own operations
  • Average Handling time reduction and productivity improvement in the range of 40-70% achieved.
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