Hotel Management System

In order to provide a lasting guest experience the hospitality industry is moving towards personalization of services, this is achieved by integrating emerging technologies with existing Hotel Management Systems. Coforge with its expertise in Hotel Management Sytems helps its clients leverage emerging technologies and introduce new features to existing systems, thus impacting key business KPIs such as revenue, cost, brand value etc.

Coforge uses a consultative approach to bring in integration of multiple, complex systems across the entire Hotel Management Landscape

We have expertise and experience in :

  • Guest Experience and Service
  • Front Desk Management
  • Property Management
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Food and Beverages
  • Point of Sales

We bring in the following benefits for our customers:-

  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Automation of operations
  • Integration with global OTAs
  • Real time updates of booking, inventory, rate change etc.
  • Centralize and secure customer data
  • Improved hotel Revenue Management
  • Increase room occupancy via effective hotel distribution management
  • Integrate and improve back office operations
  • Enhanced check in & check out capabilities

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Why Us ?
  • Architecture Definition and Consulting
  • Best Practices Assets and Documents
  • Domain-Specific Standards
  • Reference micro services architecture
  • 1000+ person years of API Expertise
  • Multiple successful migrations to cloud for hospitality clients
  • Enabled a smooth integration of the different systems being used within the hotel to ensure a seamless customer experience and improved efficiency
  • Flexible, modular and scalable architecture to meet business and technical needs of future phases
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