Back Office Support

The Airline Industry is constantly changing and evolving to cater to the changing business models, customer needs, and increased competition. There is tremendous pressure to control revenue leakages, record, monitor, analyze, and collect all types of revenues. Hence, it has become imperative for the Airlines to streamline their back office operations, with increased focus on revenue integrity, finance, fare audit and sales audit. With our deep domain expertise in revenue accounting, reconciliation, and audit, we can help Airlines create a 'smarter' back office by reengineering existing processes using automation and bringing in process excellence and driving efficiency.

We enable clients to transform back office operations to provide uninterrupted service by leveraging emerging technologies like Blockchain, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our Revenue Accounting solutions have been implemented at over 35 Airlines and we manage revenue accounting for one of the leading and most profitable airlines in Europe with over 100 million passengers.

Some of the salient features of our consultative approach include:

  • Improved efficiency and better decision-making
  • Reduced costs of running operations
  • Identification of revenue leakage areas and sales uplift opportunities
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved cash-flow through detection of unrealized revenue
  • Enhanced bottom-line through billing accuracy measures
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Extensive experience with more than 35 clients
  • Different engagement models and flexibility to own the operations
  • Managing the revenue accounting of one of the leading and most profitable airlines in Europe with over 100 million passengers
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