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The insurance industry is at an inflection point and businesses are facing common challenges in managing and maintaining policy administration systems—be it legacy or Duck Creek platforms. Legacy systems are inflexible with regard to the development of new insurance products, having huge licensing costs and poor end-user experience. There are constraints, too, in adapting to the new technology platforms such as Cloud and Web-based services. Carriers who invested in turnkey industry platforms also face challenges while going in for business expansion (new state/LOB rollouts), version upgrades (due to frequent product version releases), renewal of existing contracts to new platforms (renewal conversion), and ongoing maintenance due to lack of best practices and unavailability of right productivity tool sets.

We bring more than a decade’s experience in providing Duck Creek implementation, support and maintenance services to a range of P&C insurance service providers. We have been helping insurers modernize their legacy policy administration systems to the Duck Creek platform and enhance business agility, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve margins. Today, we are at the heart of Duck Creek platform implementations—providing end-to-end execution model, cost-efficient on-demand resourcing, best practices, productivity tools, and knowledge management.

Built on robust product partnerships and a proven global delivery model, our Duck Creek implementation, support and maintenance practices help you integrate technology with a sound understanding of the business processes inherent to the industry. We deliver cost-effective solutions and provide executable roadmaps to meet your ever-increasing technology needs while always aiming for improved efficiencies through the effective use of best-in-class frameworks and tools. From addressing your most pressing challenges to helping you prepare for future opportunities, we are here to help you respond effectively to the changing business dynamics and accelerate your transformation journey.

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