Llyod’s and London marketspace’s policies are typically underwritten by multiple entities or a syndicate underpinning the liability to the syndicated market. In a fast-paced world, brokers must work quickly to quote and bind products. But what if we could automate the entire process? 

At Coforge, we deliver an accelerated and automated underwriting system with complete policy and customer administration with flexible reporting. With AI/ML, predictive analysis, and advanced statistical models, we add real value and support disciplined underwriting. 

Our technology applications include: 

  • Powerful decision support tool - AI and advanced pattern matching to enable quicker and more informed decisions 
  • Smart automation – robotic process automation coupled with sensor technology, like IoT, to significantly reduce underwriting timelines 
  • Intelligent data-driven analysis - based on insurance/loss history and outcome prediction resulting in highly effective closure of new business cases with the best-combined ratio for the insurance carriers 
  • Integration with core system – introducing new business and quoting capabilities across the insurance value chain 
  • AI-powered platform - our solutions include AI-based digital business assistants, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-channel experience, and image recognition. 

Our innovative underwriting solution provides an easy-to-use interactive experience that is configurable to your business needs. 


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