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Lloyds and London Market is exponentially growing with billions of transactions occurring annually. Catering to such high volumes require a reliable, secure, and compliant billing solution to enhance their customer experience. Insurers are seeking a feature-rich, modern billing solutions that drive costs down, improve business outcomes, and deliver better experiences.

An efficient billing system can provide an automated and streamlined way to process customer payments, reducing the amount of manual effort required for invoicing and collections. This can help to improve customer service by reducing delays in payment processing and can also help to increase customer satisfaction by providing a more efficient and transparent process.

Coforge has over two decades of experience in helping insurers transform their billing systems. Our solution provides a simplified billing system streamlining multiple payment options and multi-party disbursements. Combined with specialized methodologies, accelerators, and frameworks, we achieve product quality, refined through years of continuous improvement. A strong network of delivery, solution, and technology partners, certified resources, and an experienced team ensures billing implementation is effective and efficient - providing support throughout the insurance software lifecycle.Coforge's billing capabilities and solutions help our clients expand into other markets with new lines of business to support their business.

Our billing transformation offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced revenue collection
  • Leveraging emerging technologies to quickly process transactions.
  • Streamline billings across the insurance lifecycle.
  • Provide a single window of operations across multiple vendors.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with improved billing experience.
  • Reduced financial risks with a secure, compliant billing process.
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Flipping the Pricing and Underwriting Odds in Your Favor
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A Single Platform for Automating Finance Ops
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