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Regulatory Compliance & Security

Embracing client interaction through digital channels and adoption of new business models means that strong cybersecurity compliance and discipline are now more important than ever. New technology implementations also bring forth new vulnerabilities and threat patterns.

To address these evolving risks, the Lloyds and London market carriers must ensure that their systems, processes, and controls are up to date with the latest standards and regulations. This requires an ongoing commitment to continually improving infrastructure, governance, and risk management strategies to ensure the highest levels of compliance and security. It involves strengthening access control and authentication measures, incorporating encryption algorithms and protocols, and mandating regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing. Additionally, insurers must also prioritize the implementation of comprehensive disaster recovery plans that are both flexible and adaptive to changing conditions, along with providing ongoing training and awareness to their staff.

Coforge helps businesses create a resilient security framework through planning, safeguarding, discovering, responding, and recovering at all stages of the framework process. By utilizing our extensive experience in the insurance sector, we have designed integrated compliance and security solutions that assist insurers in creating a unified security environment. With this environment, businesses can deploy business procedures and solutions promptly to gain proactive and detective response capabilities.

Coforge’s Insurance Compliance and Security solutions provide clients with the tools to protect their data, systems, and networks. Our solutions are designed to help clients reduce their risk of a data breach, maintain secure operations, and ensure regulatory compliance. We help clients stay ahead of the curve with ongoing assessments, timely updates, and proactive security measures. Coforge recognizes the importance that insurance companies place on establishing sound compliance. We aim to be the trusted catalyst that reinforces resiliency and integrity between our insurers and clients – by creating a holistic footprint in an ever-changing digital economy.

Assets and Accelerators

  • Security Operations Model
  • Automated Security Testing
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