QE in-a-box

Today’s technology landscape is a vast, rapidly changing domain that is getting more and more complex with each passing day. Technologies are now spread across numerous domains and platforms and with its ballooning, a faster time-to-market is a crucial success factor. High expectations on faster time-to-market depend on the maintenance of high standards of quality so that products can be delivered right the first time around. Customer expectations today have evolved beyond mere quality assurance into quality engineering – which involves imbibing quality from the foundation itself.

As an IT services enterprise, Coforge provides end-to-end quality engineering solutions across the insurance industry as well as its sub-domains and platforms. 

Coforge helps customers build quality from the beginning. This starts on day 1. We deliver complete solutions for quality engineering that starts from program inception, through development, testing, and finally to its release and further production support.

Key QA-in-a-box Services:

  • Ensure a reduction of ‘Cost of Quality’ to the customer
  • Test new product rollouts and revisions across all platforms
  • Build quality into systems from the inception stage
  • Provide digital testing services in the areas of UX, cloud, mobile, API, microservices, data & analytics
  • Test insurance-based COTS platforms – for example Duck Creek, DXC platforms, MW Wynsure, Everwell Enrolment System
  • Enable heavy usage of testing tools, accelerators, AIML-based solutions for quality assurance
  • Test automation services & NFR testing including performance & security testing
  • Setup services leading to the formation of Testing Center of Excellence

Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering in a Box:
At Coforge, we deliver insurance applications above industry quality benchmark standards within cost and timeline constraints. This includes a complete solution for quality engineering that starts from program inception all the way to its release. 


  • Provide assessment, consulting, and roadmap for insurers
  • Offer quality engineering as a service for insurers
  • Enable quality engineering transformation for insurers


Expected Business Outcomes:

  • Speed-to-market: 30% faster release with a high degree of test automation and continuous testing
  • Business Testing Experience In-built: High domain expertise on insurance-based platforms with 100% business first testing
  • Improved Application Quality: Build quality into systems from inception thereby reducing defect leakage by 20%
  • End Customer User Experience: High level of end-user satisfaction with high application quality and availability
  • Reduced Cost of Quality: Reductions in QA cycles plus delivery at low cost (25% cost reduction) well ahead of schedule


QE-in-a-box Offerings:

Our end-to-end services from quality assurance to quality engineering framework is shown below:




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