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Distribution and Compensation Management

The Life & Annuities insurance carriers are exploring ways to improve their sales and financial growth. Agents are business enablers for Life & Annuities (L&A) carriers - with seamless management of agent incentives and commissions as a key success factor for their business growth.

Some of the key capabilities of modern distribution & compensation management systems include:

  • Streamlining compliance activities of agents by jurisdictions and lines of business, including integration with National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)
  • Agent segmentation to enable targeted offerings
  • Ability to develop complex and innovative compensation plans – commissions and secondary compensation 
  • Flexible payment frequencies and payment options
  • Easy-to-use user interface to manage distribution hierarchies across channels and lines of business
  • Analytics to measure product performance, productivity, and profitability

Coforge has a team of domain and product experts who have the expertise in leading distribution and commission solutions. We partner with leading L&A carriers globally to build growth accelerators around new age distribution management. Our insurance accelerators include a dedicated agent and broker experience platform, cognitive machine vision-based solutions, and predictive analytics-based enablers.

Insurance - Agent Experience


Insurance - Agent Experience
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