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Cloud technology innovation is rapidly disrupting traditional enterprise architecture frameworks in the insurance industry. Also, mobile, analytics, payments, and digital platforms are rapidly accelerating growth. The evolution of technology is so pervasive that C-suite executives are seeking new business models to instill a customer-centric focus. These executives are grappling with how best to protect data against various classes of attacks. A data breach could have both immediate and long-term effects and prove to be catastrophic to insurers.

Today, the dilemma faced by the insurance industry at large is the fact that every new change in technology increases the risk profile. These risks continue to evolve with newer vulnerabilities and threat patterns coming to the fore. This could prove to be detrimental to insurers since they hold a copious amount of information on individuals and enterprises across business, health, property, vehicles, and more. An increased focus on embracing newer client interaction models and business models via digital channels will make cyber security compliance more important than ever.

Coforge helps businesses prepare a fail-safe security lifecycle model through preparation, protection, detection, response, and recovery at every step of the lifecycle process. By leveraging our decades of experience in the insurance industry, we have created Integrated Compliance and Security Solutions that help insurers build a cohesive security environment. Through this environment, enterprises can install business processes and solutions with immediate effect to achieve real-time preventative and detective response capabilities.

Coforge’s Insurance Compliance and Security offerings are designed to help clients build comprehensive resilience from the inside out. This empowers our clients to defend themselves against all known threats as well as detect and respond to the unknown swiftly and effectively.

Coforge recognizes the importance that insurance companies place on establishing sound compliance. We aim to be the trusted catalyst that reinforces resiliency and integrity between our insurers and clients – by creating a holistic footprint in an ever changing digital economy.

Insurance Compliance and Security Solutions: Coforge Differentiators

Skills and Summary:

  • 2.5M+ threats averted in six months
  • 100+ compliance and reporting assets
  • Zero Trust security model


Assets and Accelerators

I. Security Operations Model


II. Automated Security Testing


Coforge offers the following L1 Insurance Compliance and Security Solutions:

  • Compliance and Reporting Framework Services
  • Cyber Security Services


Expected Business Outcomes:

  • Protect the Protector: Build effective defences against even the most advanced threats
  • Embracing Consumerization: Opens doors to securely introduce or redesign insurance products
  • Rethink Distribution Models: Be agile and securely support consumers
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Consolidate reporting from LoBs of PAS (Life, Commissioning, Payouts, Salesforce CRM etc.)
  • Future Ready Operating Model: Lean operating model with enhanced systems decreasing risk to business operations


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