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Compliance & Reporting

Life and Annuity (L&A) carriers are operating in a highly regulated industry, with complex and ever-changing regulations. To meet applicable laws and regulatory expectations, carriers must continuously strive to optimize their risk and compliance programs. An efficient compliance and reporting system can provide a greater level of accuracy and reliability in reporting, allowing insurers to avoid costly mistakes and fines.

At Coforge, we have the expertise and experience to provide a customized solution to ensure 100% compliance. Our team of domain experts track the industry regulations and collaborate with third-party experts to develop solutions that enable proactive processes. We help our clients analyse and capitalize on regulatory implications, ensuring better risk management and complete compliance.

Our solution can help insurers develop and maintain an effective system of internal controls. Tools such as automated workflow management and data analytics can help insurers quickly assess their compliance risk profile and take action to mitigate risks. Our reporting solution can help insurers efficiently and accurately generate reports required for regulatory compliance. These solutions can provide L&A carriers with comprehensive data and analytics to generate reports, as well as real-time alerts and notifications to flag potential issues. This helps insurers stay ahead of potential regulatory changes and ensure they are reporting accurate information.

Machine Learning: Unlocking the Next for Insurers


Machine Learning: Unlocking the Next for Insurers
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