Producer & Commissions Management

Large and Mid-sized insurance carriers are exploring multiple ways to improve their sales and thereby financial growth. Producer experience, along with enabling sales stakeholders with multiple channel access is key to a carrier's success. This blends in well with analytics and optimization solutions across IT landscape, which helps the carriers come up with appropriate projections, decision-making, automation needs etc. Producers are business enablers for any large Life & Annuities (L&A) carrier, and seamless management of producer incentives and commissions is a key success factor for their business growth.

Our L&A domain and product experts in multiple commissions solutions work closely with the industry to build relevant growth accelerators. These insurance accelerators include focused producer experience platform, cognitive machine vision based solutions, predictive analytics based enablers, Pega based underwriter workbench etc.

Our accelerators help the carriers in their vision based roadmap, thereby enabling them to achieve growth outcomes. Our insurance growth accelerators are categorized in four ways—Platform, Optimize, Experience, and Analytics. Our deep domain expertise in the property and casualty insurance space helps us understand the key challenges of the insurance carriers. We built these growth accelerators during our long journey and exposure with the industry. These solutions provide result-oriented benefits to the carriers, examples of which include improved customer journey, cost optimization, landscape simplification, etc, improving overall growth.

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