Customer Experience

Customers need to believe that insurance companies are looking after their best interests—being offered the best product at the right price, not products that are just offered to give insurance professionals hefty commissions. Many also fear that their insurance companies will not fairly pay insurance claims.

Insurance companies can bestow confidence by providing an exceptional online experience, including instant quotes, externally certified product comparisons, and one-click processing of claims. An omnichannel solution can manage the flow of information delivered digitally to the customer and associate client phone numbers, emails, chat, and social media accounts. This enables the processing of payments, product portfolio reviews, enhanced policy details, and personalized offers. By meeting customer needs, companies can reduce customer churn, create opportunities to increase revenue from existing customers, and attract new customers who expect only the latest technology solutions from their insurance provider.

We deliver digital experiences through:

  • User Experience Offerings: Rooted in user-centred research, cognitive psychology, visual design, design thinking, our user experience framework seeks to deliver emotionally empathetic experiences to end users at two levels:
  • User Experience Assessment: To enable customers to identify the gaps between business, users, and technology and further help them to build a design strategy/roadmap for an existing or a new product
  • User Experience Design: To create a consistent and seamless framework to support overall user experience by designing digital touchpoints

Omnichannel Offerings:

  • Portal Development: To provide development and maintenance services to implement multi-channel portal solutions that deliver personalized content and experience
  • Mobile App Development: To provide mobile app development and maintenance services to help customers develop consumer and enterprise mobile experiences
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