FlexTime SLA

A FlexTime Service Plan enables our clients to have direct access to our client services, web, creative, and marketing teams via pre-scheduled, hourly time blocks for easy task management.

FlexTime Terms

FlexTime is defined as pre-scheduled, hourly time blocks that are allocated to our FlexTime Service Plan and Full-service Marketing clients. FlexTime is limited solely to the following services: website content updates, simple web design tasks, creating new pages/posts where source content is provided, spinning existing text content from external resources, creative services, sending email newsletters, social media posting, task management, general production and general consulting. FlexTime does not include: sizeable project-based work, digital advertising management, programming, reporting or training of any kind. These services would be handled on a per-project basis.

To maximize the effectiveness of the service inquiry process, we “require” that all new FlexTime tasks be logged into our Teamwork site which resides at https://projects.coforge.com. Our response time is typically within 1-3 business day(s) from the original service inquiry and response time can be affected by quantity, and/or size of task(s) assigned. All communications such as task direction, feedback & approvals will be made from the task messaging system and not via email.

NOTE: sending of tasks and/or task communications via email will not queue the task and will delay the ta start window as well as increase task management time.

Project management time as well as email, telephone and task messaging communications will count towards your monthly FlexTime allotment. Same day service is available if the task is received into our Teamwork system by 10:00 AM EST AND the task is small enough to be carried out in a 1-2hr timeframe (max). Scheduled FlexTime tasks are performed Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST not including US holidays. RUSH service tasks can be performed on a case-by-case basis and will result in an additional +1hr surcharge for weekdays and an additional +2hr surcharge for weekends per task and on top of the normal work rate. Unused FlexTime cannot accrue beyond 50% of your monthly FlexTime allotment for 1 month (max).

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