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Environment - Reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our environmental strategies are focused on reducing our impact on the environment by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and increasing the renewable fuel consumption.  We use low emissions fuels such as LPG and CNG in all our fleet services, use only energy efficient appliances, lights, and fixtures, ensure all our buildings and facilities are green and LEED certified, and reducing our waste and recycling as much as possible.

OUR Pledge:
  • Climate Change – Be carbon neutral by 2030.  Reduce our fossil fuel consumption and increase carbon offsets using impactful social and environment development projects.
  • Water Conservation – Be Water Positive by 2030.  Conserve, harvest and recycle water to effectively be water positive.
  • Waste Management – Be zero waste by 2030.  Create an effective waste management ecosystem to reduce waste, recycle as much as possible and minimize to landfill.
Our Initiatives for a GREENER PLANET
Impacting the lives of 30,000 villagers in areas bordering Noida, Pune, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Hyderabad.
1. Water Conservation
  • We are undertaking Pond Rejuvenation at 3 major sites (920,000 liters recycled / treated water to be used per site – Noida 135, Ghaziabad, Jewar). Garbage Dumps would be converted to ponds
  • Rainwater Harvesting and provision of clean drinking water at village schools
2. Soil Conservation
  • Organic farming techniques employed to reduce soil erosion
  • Training farmers in crop rotation, vermi composting
3. Waste management Interventions
  • Solid / liquid waste management for sanitation and reducing land pollution for a population of 40,000 at Noida in association with ILRT
4. Afforestation for green cover
  • Coforge is sponsoring 2 Biodiversity parks at Noida and Ghaziabad (20 acres in all) to restore ecological balance
  • 45000 trees to be planted for Revival of Flora & Fauna and carbon offsetting
  • In association with Amity, we are supporting Wetland Revival at Dhanauri to attract migratory birds and sustain ecosystem
5. Climate Change
  • We are working to combat pollution by promoting use of renewable energy in villages supported by us. Solar panels, Solar Sprays, smokeless stoves, biodegradable fuels donated in villages.  


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