Engineering Convergence

In today’s digital world, the cloud is everywhere. With the global public cloud service market projected to grow 18.4 percent in 2021, organizations are increasingly pushing their workloads to the cloud. The pandemic further highlighted the need for on-demand, scalable cloud models to address the challenges of social distancing, contact-less interactions, and digital transformation for business continuity.

For business leaders, conversations have changed from “should we move to cloud” to “what more can be done to realize benefits of multi-cloud”. To accommodate the needs of the ‘new norm’, industries require ‘everywhere enterprise’ solutions that:

  • Power an expanding digital workforce
  • Create unique remote operating models
  • Generate new revenue streams

Across industries, businesses require a solid foundation based on core infrastructure that is robust, agile, and flexible. Achieving these goals requires the transformation and migration of your IT landscape. For example, the insurance sector is undergoing rapid transformation with the advent of new and emerging technologies. Key global trends are impacting underwriting performance with a new landscape emerging across L&A and P&C industry. The goal is to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the underwriting process and adapt to the new normal. To drive this change, organizations need an array of new tools, technologies, and data sources that are integrated seamlessly.

Convergence of Domain and Technology to engineer solutions for ‘everywhere enterprise’

Moving from legacy to multi-cloud environment requires the help of a seasoned cloud and infrastructure management service provider. At the same time, building a future-proof enterprise requires the convergence of domain and technology.

At Coforge, we empower clients to reimagine how they buy, consume, and innovate in today’s multi-cloud world. We understand that every client’s journey to the cloud is unique and riddled withchallenges and multiple triggers.

Engineering Convergence

Engineering convergence focuses on the application of emerging technology and domain expertise to:

  • Understand client challenges unique to their industry verticals and amplify application support
  • Rethinkspends across multi-cloud and reengineer it as-a-service to respond to the needs of business
  • Measureand map business outcomes based on key metrics as opposed to traditional service levels
  • Redefine how businesses operate, work, secure, and network in true multi-cloud environments
  • Evolve current application topology to hybrid-cloud & cloud-native solutions
  • Future-proof businesses with continuous adoption of new services from OEMs, Partners, and Hyperscalers

Coforge, by virtue of its experience across platforms and hybrid cloud, is well positioned to shape your multi-cloud journey from an application-led and infrastructure enabled outlook to an agile CloudOps. Using our analytics, automation, platform, hybrid cloud and AI OPS services, we help you realize current trends, optimization and transformation avenues while balancing performance, availability, and resilience

The real opportunities for Engineering Convergence come from the development of intelligent and cost-effective industry solutions

Domain Challenge Engineering Convergence
Insurance Disparity in engineering and automation solutions including architecture resulting in higher OpEx costs A tailored framework to develop and implement a foundation for multi-cloud landscape that caters to multiple LoB’s
Investment Management Data center migration and tech refreshment to save cost, optimize user experience, aid business growth Analytics-driven operation with automation of existing process through RPA Bot
Media and Publishing Increasing the perimeter defense structure of the organization in a slumping newspaper industry Optimization through technology refresh and consolidation leading to IT Security footprint reduction and lower cost of operations

Our cloud and infrastructure management services empower client’s to:

  • Be agile to meet volatile business cycles
  • Increase elasticity to support high seasonality and on-demand consumption
  • Reorganize IT cost structure, moving CAPEX to OPEX
  • Optimize costs and better cost predictability
  • Enable agile application release cycles through DevSecOps
  • Facilitate access to enhanced capabilities
  • Gain operational control of the platform
  • Increasesecurity and controls through automation

With years of experience in cloud and infrastructure management for various industry sectors, Coforge has built a suite of applications, accelerators, and IPs to address present and future business challenges.

Contact us today to know how we engineer convergence to unlock new business value for your organization.

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