Editorial Guidelines

effective 1/1/2020

3rd-party Blog Post Submissions

Please follow the post guidelines below for inclusion consideration:

  1. Post topic: should be relevant to our primary blog topics.
  2. New topic: should not duplicate any existing blog posts.
  3. Post outline: follow our post recipe.
  4. Formatting: use H1,H2,H3,H4 headers, bullet/numbered lists, short paragraphs, use contractions, use focus keyword in the 1st 100 words, authority sites links, relevant images. - all where applicable.
  5. Your link: you may include 1 (max) "dofollow" link to your a page/post (no site root please). Min DA30.
  6. Authority links: should contain 1-2 "dofollow" external links to relevant authority sites. Min DA40.
    NOTE: neither of these links may be controlled by you, your client or your affiliates.
    Authority sites only! We WILL CHECK!
  7. Internal links: should contain 3-5 links to coforge.com content (pages or posts).
  8. Reciprocal link: include 2 of your URLS where we can place a reciprocal "dofollow" link to our blog. We'll select 1 of the 2 and kindly suggest placement. NOTE: please don't use "Your link" above.
  9. Writing style: 2nd person, factual & conversational.
  10. Minimum length: 1,980 words.
  11. Uniqueness: proof your content has been Copyscaped or equivalent.
  12. Author: a real person cited as the author & LinkedIn profile URL. No bio links please.
  13. Social promo: you will post to all your social channels and let us know so we may amplify the post.
  14. Other promo: we encourage additional promotional efforts such as PPC, email marketing, etc.
  15. Agreement: By accepting these terms, you agree, the content submitted for inclusion to our blog, becomes property of COFORGE, LLC once posted online and may be modified at any time in accordance with our internal brand guidelines and/or removed from the site without notice. You further agree that you have not, nor will you submit the content anywhere else online. Note: duplicate content is acceptable with valid canonical tag to live article on coforge.com.  
  16. Edits: Where your content doesn't meet our requirements you'll be notified via email and you'll have ample time to make corrections/additions for resubmission.
  17. Unused content: In the event I do not use the content on our site we will make notice to you effectively returning it to you and your are free to elsewhere at your discretion.
  18. Contact: editor@coforge.com