1 Customer

  • U.S. Top 20 Retail/ Commercial Bank

2 Business Situation

  • Many high value fraudulent checks hitting the accounts every day
  • Bank’s customers required all their items updated at the start of the business day
  • Unable to meet turn times and deadlines due to frequent volume fluctuations

3 Solutioning

  • Mismatch between truncated checks and items presented were transferred to a digital “interrogation” queue
  • Account Reconciliation specialists researched suspected items and decided whether to pay or reject

4 Execution

  • Dedicated team to perform reconciliation in Payee Positive Pay, Positive Pay and Stops; cross-trained others to manage volume spikes
  • Created early morning shift with 3 hours turn time to meet start of the day deadline

5 Value Delivered

Significant saving and increased customer satisfaction
  • $2.8 Million worth of fraudulent items detected in 3 months
  • Improved customer satisfaction by Processing 100% volumes by start of the day